Saturday, October 20, 2007

Hey Guys!

Some of you are starting to worry about me because my posts have slowed down alot. I am doing just fine weightwise, maintenance is still going well. My body seems to be resting comfortably at 143 lbs.

My personal life though is a mess. I am dealing with alot of crap right now, and it's nothing that I care to discuss on the world wide web (sorry). HOPEFULLY things will be back to normal by Wednesday. I will probably miss posting my WI on Monday because of this. I've got alot to deal with Monday and Tuesday.

Please understand that I'm not myself. If you have sent me an email and not received a response, this is why. I promise to catch up when things are back to normal. Right now I just need to focus on taking care of my kids and getting through this.

Take care everyone!


cat's dish said...

Hey Shaunna - take care of you, ok? Deal with your shit, post when you need to vent or whatever, and just do your thing, no one's expecting you to be yourself until you're good and ready. Hang in there, and no matter what, take comfort in knowing that you've been a huge support for me (and others, I'm sure), and we're here for you if you need.

Anonymous said...

You do what YOU have to. Don't worry about us... we'll be fine. I hope that things get themselves worked out and you are able to put all of this stuff behind you. You're still a huge inspiration to me in my journey.

Anonymous said...

Hi Shaunna- just checked in to see how you were doing. Sorry to hear there is some miserable shit going on in your life. Mine too, looks like hubby of 20 yrs and I is coming to an end. No little ones though, that would make it harder than it is. Anyway....take care of yourself and the kids, your are a special person and such an inspiration to a lot of people. I am a believer that everything happens for a reason, sometimes it just takes a while to find the good in the situation. Take care of you and know there are a lot of people wishing you well.

Lisa aka water_nymph said...

Hi there..

a lurker here, who checks in weekly to see how you are doing and remind myself why im drinking this 10th glass of water lol!

i hope things get better for you soon..take care of you and yours and hold tight to whatever gives you strength.

Anonymous said...

hey shuanna,i dont know what else to say that hasnt been said already ! i am praying for you and your family ! you will get through whatever this is .know that you are loved !

Chubby Chick said...

I just discovered your blog. You should be SO proud of yourself!!! Your pics are amazing. What an inspiration!!! My only question is... in a nutshell... HOW DID YOU DO IT???

I'm sorry to hear that life is stressful for you right now. I'm sending best wishes that things get better soon. :)

marie said...


that's all.