Sunday, August 10, 2008

I really appreciate all the helpful comments everyone. I'm so lucky to have all this support :O)

So, I'm done pouting and moping about my body not wanting to lose weight. I'm ready to tackle this again. I've tried low points, I've tried high points, and I've tried mediocre points...all of these options have gotten me nowhere. Now, I'm going to try the NOT GIVING MY BODY A DAMN CHOICE plan. I will drop my points again to 23, and I'm NOT going to eat my flex this week (which will be hard because I always eat my Flex). I'm going to revert to the old WW plan and only eat up to 4 AP's per day. I will do my best to earn 28 ap's during the week despite this crappy ankle injury that I have. I'm also going to take some of your great suggestions and try to incorporate more of the Core-style foods into my menu. I'm still going to count points though because I don't trust myself not to overeat. I guess that I'll be doing kind of a Flex/Core combo. I really hope this kicks my body into weight loss mode. I think once I get the ball rolling, I will lose consistantly like I did before.

Wish me luck!

(Oh, and weigh in today was 151.5 lbs, so basically I stayed the same again)


Kate said...

sounds like you have a great plan, good luck!

Crystal said...

Good on you for not giving up and for getting right back in there and trying something else. Everyones body is different, I'm sure you'll find the combo to make your body start lossing again!! Keep at it :)

♥ Dee ♥ said...

Send me an email if you want my tools, darlin!

I've got some printouts and stuff that you might like.

sarah sundae said...

Have you tried Core before? Just wondering if you might need a "break" from counting points for a bit. It really helped me and I lost my last 11 pounds to reach goal (of course this was 4 years ago).

You look great by the way!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Shaunna

I'm one of those lurkers but check your blog every day. I lost 116 pounds and completed maintenance all in exactly one year from the date I started, so I feel like we have something in common. I still count my points but eat mostly core foods. I find it really helps when I need a little kick start or I'm just a couple pounds more than I'm comfortable with.

I'm sure you'll notice a change this week! Good Luck!

jaxgirl said...

Good plan, Shauna. Perseverance ALWAYS pays off in the end. We just don't always get to set the time schedule!

I'm on board with you too. Maintenance is a b!tch!