Monday, December 01, 2008

I am struggling so much with weight right now. It's very frusterating. After months of trying to lose and not getting anywhere. I kind of gave up, and for the last 2 weeks I've been eating what I want and not counting points. Stupid, I know...but I needed a break. Today was my WI, so a start to a new week. I am going to buckle down again and try to lose. I will change the foods that I'm eating and see if that helps. I've pretty much been eating the same things for the last 2 years. Maybe my body wants something different, who knows.

On a positive note, I had someone contact me through my blog about a product called Mary Lou's Weigh She asked if I'd like to try their product and post a review on my blog. I figured why not! I'm always into trying something new. Mary Lou's weigh is a scale of sorts, but the one thing that differs is it never tells you your weight in numbers. I did my first WI on it last week, so this week when I stepped on the scale, it told me that I was down 1.5 lbs and offered some encouraging words and tips for the coming week. It's pretty neat actually. I like that it talks to you. I will update on the Mary Lou Weigh thing more in the coming weeks.

Here's a pic of Jade showing off Missy who is 10 weeks old now. I can't believe that people recommend NOT getting these tiny Yorkies as pets if you have kids. I beg to differ! My kids are incredible with this puppy. They treat her like gold, and are sooooooo careful. They've yet to break one of the "rules". So, I guess it must depend on the kid, because mine are great :O)

Look how sweet and innocent Missy looks. Is she fooling you?

Here comes the inner demon...

RAWRRRRRR! And she lunges at the camera. This dog seriously thinks she's 10 feet tall LOL! It's hilarious!


Anonymous said...

I found your blog through searching on Weight Watchers stuff for inspiration. You are doing fabulous. I also love your little Yorkie. They are awesome. We have three Chihuahuas and I really believe that socializing them as puppies makes a huge difference. We have one tiny Chihuahua who is just the most lovey thing around everyone, including little kids and babies.

Anonymous said...

I hear ya ! i mean about eating the same things over and over! i also know how crappy it feels when we go off program , i have been there ! so glad that you back atter ! keep up the good work girl , you rock !!!
p.s your fur baby is gorgeous

Q102Briand said...

Your daughter and the puppy are so CUTE!! I also admire the way you are about your kids, My kids are the most amazing thing that will ever happen to me and I love seeing other parents that love their kids the way you do :-)

As far as the weight loss , you are someone that I have always looked up to and will always look up to. You told me one time that my body will let me know what to do. btw...You look amazing already.

You have accomplished more than most of us ever will... so make sure you take credit for all of your success as we ALL hit little bumps every once in a while.

I have no doubt that whatever you decide to will achieve your desired result.

You are a rockstar :-)

Shirls said...

the puppy and the kid are both adorable! I love the sock coat for Missy, very creative of you :0)

Let me know how your doing with the weight thing, I'm beyond frustrated and I simply don't know what to do any more *sigh* I want to go get a full blood panel done, I'm seriously at the point of wondering if something major is wrong.. BUT my doc is on mat leave and couldn't find a replacement, so I have no clue how to get that blood work..

anyway, besides all that, I just found out I'm coming to Vancouver in April, "its Britney Bitch" LOL yep going to see Britney and my family, hopefully I can sneak a visit with you too!

Lisa said...

i can't really add much to what Brian said...except that I come here everyday just to nod to myself and say "yah, you can do this"

you rock honey, and you know it!!

JavaChick said...

That puppy is adorable! I want one, but my cats would probably terrorize a dog that small. :)

Anonymous said...
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Pheonix said...

the inner deamon picture is HILARIOUS!

Played by the Fickle Mistress said...

Please don't give up. I check your blog from time to time and I find it so inspirational! You look so freaking frierce now. I'm going to start posting my pics on the side of my blog as well for inspiration.

You kiddos are so cute and the dog is absolutly adorable.

Anonymous said...

the comment by nicole:

I checked her blog and she is using photos from another well known blogger as her own.

Shrunk said...

Thanks for the heads up "Anonymous". I've removed it.