Friday, February 27, 2009

Missy got some new duds :O)

Monday, February 23, 2009

I whipped this cake up last minute for my hubby's friend. I made the tools out of chocolate and painted them with luster dust for the metallic finish. My border is sloppy because my icing was too soft. It was getting to crunch time so I didn't have time to fix it. Oh well!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Yeah, I'm still kickin' around. Taking iron pills because I'm anemic and cutting back on strenous activity for a month or so. Just sticking to walking, swimming...stuff like that.

Here's a picture of my little one in her first set of pigtails.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Life has been CHAOTIC! Geeeez, here goes.....

On Sunday, I went to set Missy (my puppy) down on the carpeted floor. She is always so eager to be put down and does this little pounce as she's getting close to the floor (maybe 3-4 inches above). Well this time when she pounced, she landed the wrong way. I guess jumping off a hand kind of threw her off balance. She landed, and kind of rolled and started yiping like crazy! I went straight to the yellow page and found a vet open on a Sunday. He was just finishing up a surgery early, so was able to see her immediately. He examined her and said that he didn't feel it was fractured, so he gave her a shot of Metacam and sent me home with more to give her orally at home. Well, he prescribed and gave her a shot of 2.5 times what she should have for her size, so she was flyin' high! She seemed like she was getting better until Monday night...she had the most horrible sleep ever. Alot of crying, so the next morning as soon as my vet opened I called them and asked them to see her.....
They did xrays, and discovered a fracture of her right knee. They weren't able to repair it because it's such a complicated fracture and she's so teeny, so we were referred to a (VERY EXPENSIVE) specialist as an emergency case. They called me within 2 mins of receiving the referral and booked Missy to have surgery the following morning. We went to the consultation before surgery and learned that she's fractured her right lateral humeral condyle. Basically, she busted the one side of the knuckle where her upper leg bone connects to the lower. The specialist had to put in a screw and a pin to hold it in place. She needs 6 weeks of restricted activity because he said if it gets wrecked again, he won't be able to repair it twice. Missy was doing really well yesterday, but then last night she got her bandage wet, so I had to take her in and have it replaced. Now it's bothering her because it feels "different", so she as to wear her cone. Monday the bandage comes off and I KNOW she'll want to chew those stitches, so she'll probably have to wear the cone for the whole 2 weeks. She is on 3 different medications taken at 5 different times of the day. Poor, that's the story. Total vet bills and surgery cost me $3,500 (that I don't have). Thank goodness my wonderful Mom gave me a loan. I don't know what I'd do without her.

THENNN, amongst other little things going wrong constantly throughout the week. I ran out of gas (close to bedtime wih 3 kids) while hubby was on nightshift. My car was parked somewhere that it couldn't just sit, so we had to talk allllll the way home, pray there's a jerry can of gas in the shed for the lawnmower (and there was), and walk alllll the way back. Fill up the car, dumping gas all over myself...then head to the gas station where my bank card, for the first time ever, wouldn't swipe.

All 3 of my kids and I are sick.

I got my blood test results back from the doctor, and I'm anemic!

Oh, on the positive side. We went to Monster Jam again this year, here's a pic. Also, I'm down 6 lbs! Stress always does that for me.