Friday, April 17, 2009

I bought new Asics last night. Finally, I can start running again. I've had to stick to the ellipical for the last couple of weeks.

Here's Missy in her new Louis Vuitton *designer inspired* playsuit and hooded jacket, and her hooded skull tutu (kinda matches the decor of my blog dontcha think?

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

A little update...

I went off of the Diane35 pills that I was taking for acne. Low and behold, I can't eat all my flex, I have more energy, I'm less irritable, and I'm down 4 lbs for this week. I am so glad that I made that decision. Also, I was given a FREE elliptical trainer, which makes it much easier to get in my daily workouts since hubby is on night shifts and I can't always get to the gym. Those WATP Dvd's were getting pretty boring.

And of course I have to update about my lil Missy Mouse too. That screw ended up rejecting from her leg. So she had to have yet ANOTHER surgery to get it removed, and then tomorrow she goes for her spay operation. This poor little thing has been through SO much these last 9weeks. I can't wait for her to be off of "restricted activity" and go back to being a playful puppy. We went shopping, yes AGAIN :OP She got some booties and did amazingly well walking in them for her first time. She's a natural born fashionista, that's for sure! She won't be wearing booties all the time. I just got them for the mornings when it's chilly and she INSISTS on coming to my son's school. She gets SO cold, even though I carry her and she wears a tracksuit and jacket.

Here's a video of her first steps in them, and a couple of pics.