Monday, October 12, 2009

I'm still kickin' around. Counting my points, and also counting the days until I'm allowed to run again. I'm still anaemic, and my doctor is doing all kinds of tests and stuff to try to figure out why I'm not absorbing iron. So for now, I still have to stick to only light/moderate exercise. It sucks!

Here's a recent pic of me n' my crew, the cake I made for my son's bday (Transformers), and a couple of pics of Missy on her first birthday :)

Take care!


♥ Dee ♥ said...


Heather Cacak said...

Uggg....I feel your pain on not being able to run per doctor's orders. You totally inspired me to start! I'll run in my first half marathon (Disney World Princess Half) March 7th. As long as this foot has healed by December, I should be OK to train for it. Here's to BOTH of us healing!!!!

PS....good to see a post from you. :)

Martalu said...

Have they tested you for hemochromotosis? I'm not sure of the spelling, but my co-worker had it. It tends to affect white women. She's all better now! It took a while of what she called "blood-letting sessions," but she's all good now!

Your family is precious! And so are your cakes! And Missy, but that's a given, right?

Anonymous said...


Hemochromotosis is too much iron in the blood. My next door neighbour has it and had to have blood removed weekly for a year. Quite sure that this is not what shrunk has as she has anemia which is very little iron in the blood.