Monday, January 11, 2010

Down 5 lbs in my first week back on track. It seems that I can count points alllll I want and I don't get anywhere, but as soon as I throw some exercise into the mix, things start to move in the right direction!

Happy New Year everyone!!!

First, I have to share recent pics of my Yorkie girls...



Second, I have to show you the Santa Chocolates and Gingerbread men that I made for my kids to bring to school for Xmas.

Thirdly, I'll fill you in on what's being going on with me medically. I went to my doctor and insisted that she send me to a gynecologist. I haven't been able to run or do any high intensity cardio for a year, and I'm sick of it. I feel like crap, and I've been anemic for a full year. Not to mention that the scale has crept up, and I am now at the very top of the healthy weight range for my height. I want to know why I'm losing so much blood and why iron supplements aren't helping. So, I had my appt with the specialist a couple of weeks ago, he did a hysteroscopy and found that everything looked normal, except for unexplained bleeding inside my uterus. He's come to the conclusion that he thinks it's due to hormones and he is going to do a procedure (day surgery) called "Endometrial Ablation". It is going to take awhile for me to get a date for when he will do the surgery. He said that he is so overbooked that I likely won't get in before Spring. Until then, I am fighting back again my body. I may not be able to do high intensity cardio, but I can sure as heck lift weights, do ab/core work, and walk my butt off. I've already started, and I had an AWESOME week. I was strict with my point counting and I earned a fair amount of AP's. I have no hopes of the scale budging (weigh in is tomorrow) BUT I feel a bazillion times better. For the last while, depression has been starting to kick in and I just can't sit back and let that happen. So it's back on the exercise train for me *toot* *toot* :O)