Thursday, October 28, 2010

ONLY 5 DAYS LEFT until surgery day! Omg, I'm freaking out. Thoughts of "what have I gotten myself into", "how are my kids going to handle my being out of commission for awhile", "how will DH cope", and "how bad is it REALLY going to hurt". I'm also scared shitless about being put under anaesthetic. I just better wake up! So, I went to my pre-op appt a little while ago, it went well. I couldn't be more confidant in my surgeons. I also went to an appointment on Monday to get sized for my extremely attractive post surgical bra and abdominal compression garment ;o) Hey, at least they had black ones for me. I was happy about that.

I am getting alot of emails from people wanting information about where I am getting the surgeries done and whom will be doing them. I will be willing to share all of this with you guys after my surgery is complete (as well as pre and post op photos). I don't want to give out recommendations until after I have gone through the procedure and can give you all detailed notes on my experience.

I'm sure that I will post with some pre-op jitters on Monday night, but if not...please keep me in your thoughts on Tuesday morning when I go under the knife. Thank you!