Saturday, June 11, 2011

Hey guys! Just a quick update on me. I've been super busy lately. My husband and I are now proud, first time, home owners. We are loving it. The previous owners neglected the yard a little, so I have been busy tackling the dandelion and moss issues. It's a great strength training workout though removing that moss. I am having to rake it all out with a dethatching rake and it's alot of work! I do need to get back to my running again, but I'm trying to get my iron levels up first. I just went in for a bunch of blood work and I am borderline anemic again. I'm not sure why this keeps happening but my doctor (and I) suspect food intolerances to either dairy, gluten, or both. I am NOT allergic though (so that's good), we have done tests for that. Right now I'm back to eliminating those foods from my diet and hoping it helps the tummy problems and acne. Otherwise, I am doing great. I go in on Monday to have a dog ear from my tummy tuck removed on my left side. It is a quick, in office procedure. Hopefully after that this whole surgery thing will be put behind me. I do find that even though I'm over 7 months out of surgery, my tummy still seizes up from time to time for no apparent reason. I guess what they say is true, it does take a year to fully recover. I'm still very happy with my results and I'd do it again in a heart beat.