Wednesday, November 01, 2006

When we were taking the kids trick or treating last night, one of the neighbours two doors up said to her husband (not meant for us to hear, it was while she was shutting the door), "Oh my God! That girl has lost a TON of weight". I know that's a huge compliment but I actually felt really embarrased. I can't believe that I was *that* fat! Here's pics of the kids in their costumes...

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Just before trick or treat time, all the kids switched costumes! Jade isn't in these pics but she changed to "Tigger", and the boys were Batman and Superman. Kids! They just can't make up their minds...

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Coralie said...

Aw, the kids look so cute :)

Hey, last night when you stopped by, even in your dressed down look, you looked amazing! I love, love, love how your skin looks, clean, hydrated, and clear! Not that you ever had a skin problem, I can't describe it, its almost like your skin glows.

I want my skin to glow.

Shrunk said...

Are you serious? That is so cool because my skin was starting to look terrible before I started the weight loss journey. Thank you so much for telling me that. BTW, I've always thought you have nice skin Cor :O)

Jennifluff88 said...

I love it when people use that "you've lost a ton of weight" line, like did I really weigh a ton? Seriously though, they don't mean that, just that you've lost a a lot of weight. And for what it's worth, you were smokin hot before!!