Monday, February 19, 2007

Down 1.6 for Weigh In Today. I'm going to quit the Wendie Plan today, and just try staggering my points myself. If it doesn't work, then I'll just go back to Wendie :O)


Mandy said...

Congrats on the loss - that's a great loss! I lost .8 and am pleased as punch with that! haha

jen999 said...

Hey, Shaunna!! Congrats on the loss! I didn't even know you were doin' Wendie (hee hee, get it? lol!!).. Sorry, lil sleepy.. So I just did some resurfacing in my blog, and figured out how to add links and was wondering if I could put your link on it? Everyone else I added had me on theirs so I figured it would be okay, but wanted to check with you first! Congrats again! :-)

Natalie said...

Another 1.6? You are rocking this out!

Anonymous said...

Hey hottie
Congrats on the loss. 1.6 lbs is still above that 1lb/week average.
But funny that you are 'struggling' on those last pounds.
The last miles are the hardest it seems.
Everyday I come and see this before and after pic (this last one). You look so nice, and the difference is like... WOW

i didn't remember either how big you were. Course to me you've always been "Shaunna", but now that I got pics to cmopare, it's so weird to see.
You've really changed.

I love you

Vanessa said...

Congrats on the loss! Wow, you're going to be at goal soon. I hope you reward yourself with something damn nice for all of the hard work you've done. :)

Shirls said...

I can't believe I have yet to post on this duh!!! sometimes I'm just such an idiot..

anywhoo, you know your my rockstar right? way to kick ass! 1.6 at this point in the game is well, beyond incredible, way to go!