Monday, August 06, 2007

Eeeek, gained 3 lbs this week putting me at 140 lbs. That tells me...that I have to get off my ass and start exercising again. My metabolism must be slowing.


Anonymous said...

Hi Shrunk,
Saw some posts re: sagging skin and someone referred to your blog, so here I am!

You are one gorgeous woman! Congratulations!

I have just been on WW for 3 weeks, starting at almost 270lbs. I just wondered if you've got any gems of advice/tips/tools on what worked for you.

How long did it take you to lose that much weight? And did you say it was weight training that kept your arms in such great shape? When did you start weight training, and how much? Sorry for the 20 questions, I just want to learn from someone who's been there so successfully.

You look AWESOME!!! Do you feel as awesome as you look, grrl?

Email me if you wish... I'm Tiina at (my eTools identity is YogaLover1).

Have a great day.