Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Thanks to those who have suggested that I DON'T adjust my points this week (Wendy, Shirley, Runny, Misti). You guys are right. I'm just freaking out a little, and I shouldn't be. I am going to follow your advice and just go on as normal this week. Hopefully this little gain was due to TOM.

Andddd, because I always share...here's a pic from last night. This is my very good friend Synthia and I.

And a family shot. The lighting's a bit weird, I guess because it's night maybe.


Sonya said...

You have a great looking family there! ;-)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE that family pic. You guys don't have many eh.
Look at Chadder there, was his mouth dirty from eating chocolate or something ? lol, funny kid.
Jadie looks SO tall on that pic !
I really love this pic.
You are so gorgeous Shaunna, I can't get over it.
With the tattoos it's just so YOU and exclusive.
Mwwaaahhhhhhhhhh !!!


Jen said...

look how hot you are in your dress!!

I love seeing your guess bag in pictures too...it's so pretty (I am an accessories whore...)

Anonymous said...

You are freakin gorgeous

Chubby Bugg said...

You have such a beautiful family!!
And you are super hot!! Congrats on all your successes!!

marie said...

your family is so incredibly adorable. you're such a lucky woman.

Dena Rox said...

aww, been a while since i saw pics of the whole lot of you. Great Pic, can't get over how big Jade is now, totally gonna be tall like mama! Thanks for sharing with all of us :)