Monday, October 01, 2007

Well, I'm up 3.4 lbs. I went from 138.2 up to 141.6 lbs. Looking back at my weight chart this seems like the norm for me. Always fluctuating between 137-142 lbs. Which is fine by me...

I went for that ultrasound yesterday. What the doctor was positive was a fibroid in my uterus isn't anything at all. They found nothing. So now I have to go back to the doctor today and find out what to do next. Why would she "feel something" in my uterus, and why would I be measuring as though I'm 12 weeks pregnant when nothing is there? So strange, I will update when I know more.


Sonya said...

Glad to hear from you today. You are really doing well with maintaining your weight. Good for you!!!!

I hope things go well for you at the doctors. Keep us posted, we're all interested and hoping you are okay.