Saturday, September 13, 2008

Another person with a weight problem :O(

It's my son, and he's only 6 yrs old. I've noticed him "growing" these last few months. Back in spring, I started to become concerned. Particularly when I did some research and found out that he should only be 56 lbs. At that time he was 67 lbs. Since then, he's grown an inch taller and gained 8 lbs. At the doctors last week, he weighed in at 75 lbs, he should only be 58. She was a little concerned, and offered a few suggestions. So, I've changed some things at our house. Juice is now limited to ONE per day (she said not to buy it at all, but I feel one per day is OK), and that goes for all 3 of my kids. Just because the other 2 are at a normal weight doesn't mean they can't eat healthier as well. I am serving more veggies than I was before, and not catering to fussiness. If they don't like what's on their plate, they can pick it out or avoid it. I'm hoping that by offering a variety of foods, they will take the plunge and try new things from time to time. My 6 yr old has already tried several new foods this week. Most importantly we are watching portion sizes. My son tends to eat VERY fast, then wants 2nds before his brain has had time to realize his tummy is full. Now I ask him to wait 10 mins, and if he's still hungry I will give him more food. Not once has he waited the 10 mins, then needed more. We are also putting more emphasis on drinking water, cutting down on sugar, and increasing the amount of activity that they get. My kids are already very active, but I'm giving them even more opportunity for exercise. I am proud to say that after one week of making these few changes, my boy is already weighing in 4 lbs less on the scale. I'm not putting him on a diet, or trying to make him lose weight...I'm just guiding the kids towards a healthier lifestyle. If he loses weight then great. Right now my goal is just to prevent him from gaining anymore.

Now, as far as my weight loss attempts go...starting Monday (weigh in day) I'm going to try again. I used it in the past, and loved it. I just found it a little more time consuming than counting points. Something mustn't be right though. For me to be on plan for this many weeks, and not lose a single lb, is just odd. I like how accurate sparkspeople is. So, that will be my experiment for next week. If it doesn't work for me, I'm done trying. There is no point in depriving myself of food if it's not helping me to lose these 5-10 lbs that I'd like to get rid of.

And since this post was partially about my kids, here's a pic I took of them yesterday showin' off their new haircuts :O)


♥ Dee ♥ said...

I hear ya with the kids. My son was pretty pudgy. He's 14, so I decided to educate him on proper nutrition and bring him along for the ride. Best thing I ever did. He's never been on a diet, but he's slimmed down, started working out and his self esteem is through the ROOF. Seriously... may need therapy to get over himself... lol.

WWSuzi said...

Oh they are such cuties ;)
I do the points but i also put my food into fitday because sometimes even doing the points my cals are just too low!
i.e. occasionally when i've figured i'm getting 21-22 points the cals are barely over 1000 which isn't good. So now if they're low i add some extra healthy foods to bring them up.

Born to Run said...

You have beautiful children.

I think you're very wise to not put your son on a diet or deprive him of anything. I also think it's great that you're not pinpointing that he is the only one who has to drink more water or eat different foods. The whole healthy lifestyle is wonderful! You're a great mom!

Anonymous said...

Hey Shaunna: good for you for making the extra effort with the kids. Proud mommy moment for sure!! :)

Teaching them while they are still 100% geared to learning is very wise indeed. I think sometimes as parents we can be a little less diligent with them than we are with ourselves because we just figure their activity level and metabolism will take care of everything. I know I've done that!

Good luck with Sparkpeople! I've got my fingers crossed for you.


Pheonix said...

LOVE the new do's! Your kids are SO adorable!

Anonymous said...

Im a fan of referring people to fitday but it's all so personal huh?

and your kids? SO FRIGGING ADORABLE.

(another tangent) have you seen SUPERNOOTS? thats a really fun way to do nutritions stuff w/kids.

IMO anyway.


Lisa said...

Your kids are so happy looking:) And yes, i love the do's!!

thanks for the post about guiding your child to a healthier lifestyle..

i'm struggling with that myself right now..although its with a 12 (who looks 21 and acts 14) year old daughter..Sigh. But you are right, i'm going to cut down the juice. Put water on the table..and only buy healthy things..even the treats..she can eat my 100 cal treats too if she needs a sweet!

anyways, once again, you inspire:)

Unknown said...

I've been reading your blog since I stared losing weight last year (and you've been a real inspiration), but don't comment often. Anyways, I've got 3 kids too and my oldest just turned 6 yesterday. He's 59 1/2 lbs as of this morning. I can't get him active to save my soul. It's a constant battle, isn't it? All 3 of my kids are just a touch over the recommended weight. I was always like that too. Guess I'll just keep trying to keep'em healthy.

Anonymous said...

Your kids are adorable and I love your positive, proactive approach. Your kids are lucky to have you (and not just for the cake stylings).

I haven't followed your blog until just recently, but it's obvious from your pictures that you figured out what works for you. I've only recently started WW and so far it's been working for me. If have even a fraction of the success you did, I'll be thrilled :)

Good luck!

Shirls said...

I love the hair! I work with a few girls here who take the kids with them to their personal trainer work out sessions, who do their work out videos in front of the kids, so much so the kids now ask for it when they get home from work "come on mom, lets do this one" I think its amazing! I wish I had that example as a kid, don't get me wrong my parents worked very hard physical jobs so the last thing they did when they got home was exercise.. but its the example that counts, you showing the kids now, what healthy eating, healthy living looks like, well that is a life long lession a lot of us missed and part of the reason why we struggle so much now. Your kids are very, very lucky to have you as their mom :0)

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you girl hopefully sparkspeople helps, I use calorie king for the same purpose and really love it :0)

Jen said...

I think this is a WONDERFUL approach you are taking girl...teach your kids about nutrition and they are still making their own CHOICES they are just limited to what they can choose FROM...I think that's fantastic....a lot of parents just let their kids have treats and what not because they are "kids" and they should "act like kids", while this is all fine and dandy, your kids should be able to run endlessly without wheezing and should live a normal childhood without being teased about their weight (can you tell I am making speaking from experience???) and they will take the foundation you give them into adulthood...

Anyway...that LONG winded response was basically to tell you that you are handling this beautiful and your kids are GORGEOUS...why not keep them healthy as well???

Anonymous said...

You seem like you are so well grouned and reasonable with what you are doing with your son. Better to teach him good habits now.

Food Coma said...

That really is a tough one but I love that you are approaching the issue with education about nutrition and life style change. I wish someone had done that for me when I was a child.

Food Coma said...

Also have you tried getting him interested in cooking?

Anonymous said...

I think that is wonderful that you are having a plan with your children and working through it, it says a lot about you as a mother and that you truly care for the health and wellbeing of your son. That's wonderful. I have been following along your blog and I am wondering if you can offer me some advice. I am thinking of (re)joining Weight Watchers but I hesitate because I am an emotional eater and have a sweet tooth. I have about 50lbs to lose.

Little Chef On The Prairie said...

I read a really good book you might be interested in: Raising Fit Kids in a Fat World. Kudos to you for really working on this!

Anonymous said...

I got a fun freebie this morning for KIDS.

giving on wednesday.

just an shhh heads up :)


marie said...

You're an amazing and caring mom :)

Lisa said...

here's an idea i found while looking for ideas for my DD:

looks "cool"


TobyLauren said...

Your kids are precious. =) I am with you on the fussy eating thing. My eldest is a rotter when it comes to food. He is a skinny mini, but he allllways picks at food. I don't cater to fussiness, but it's hard for me to see him be so picky.

Obviously, that was NEVER my problem. lol!

P.O.M. said...

You're such an inspiration and it's awesome that you're teaching your kids about eating healthy.

I hear you on the weight gain. When I first lost weight, I got to 132, but couldn't stay there. I went back to about 142 for a couple months. But now I'm back in the low 130s and it's easier to stay there. I think our bodies sometimes need to adjust a little before they are willing to stay at a lower weight.

You look fantastic though and I'm super impressed with your cake skills.