Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Wow - I got an email from another blogger sharing the link to his (yes I said his) WW blog. I was so totally blown away by him that I have to share the LINK with you all. He's lost 89 lbs since February, and his goal is to lose 100 lbs in total. It's looking like he'll reach his goal in under a year. Now THAT'S pretty freakin' amazing!

ANYWAYS, I found this guy to be very inspirational, so I figured you all would too :O)

P.S. I started at the gym again today after some time off. I'm trying kind of a mid-range pts for this week. I normally do 30 for maintenance, and 23 for losing, but 23 hasn't helped for several weeks now. I'm trying 25 (plus flex and ap's of course) for this week. Hopefully some good workouts will help get things moving. I'd really just like to get back into the 140's again...PLEASE!!!


WWSuzi said...

Nice to see a guy who's also doing weight watchers!! Thanks for the nudge, i checked out his blog and your right, he's very motivational ;)
Have fun at the gym.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE this guy's site.
Also love his way of writing.
Explaing how there is temptation everywhere.
He makes it so real.
Thanks for sharing.
He's already changed SO much, it's amazing. I checked out his before-WW pics.

Shirls said...

thanks for sharing this, I love to hear about people beating this thing and men, well that is special since they typically are not big on sharing ;0)