Monday, March 23, 2009

I ♥ dressing my furbaby :OP~~~

Yes, we went on a shopping spree. As you can tell by the last photo, she liked it! :O)

Spoiled little girl in her pink and black velour Juicy Couture tracksuits, her Juicy parka with the fur lined hood, and her Chanel T-shirt.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

So, I reopened my account just to double check that I have been tracking everything properly on paper. I'm really baffled as to why my weight has crept up from 137 lbs to 155 lbs over my 2 yrs on maintenace (Yes, it will be 2 yrs in May woohoo). I don't understand it because most of the last 2 yrs I've spent with my pts lowered to try to lose the lbs that have crept up on me. Anyways, I am calculating everything right, so I dunno. I guess that I should just be happy that I'm still healthy. The healthy weight range for my height is 139-174 lbs. As long as I keep eating right and exercising, what more can I do? Oh, and I have that appt next week with the plastic surgeon to find out about my tummy tuck. I still don't really believe that it will end up happening. I'm not getting my hopes up. I will update you all after I have my consultation.

Missy goes in for her spay surgery in the next week or two. She is now 6 weeks post-op from her leg surgery. She has to have follow up xrays done so my vet wants to do her surgery at the same time because she will have to be sedated for xrays anyways. I'm a little worried because she is still so tiny. It has to be done though! I just hope that everything goes OK.

Here's pics of my little darling Missy in ANOTHER new "go.fetch" dress. I ♥ dressing my dog :OP

Friday, March 06, 2009

First, a little bit of weight loss news, since that IS what this blog is suppose to be about :OP You know how I've been trying to get my weight back into the 140's since June? I've been kinda floating around the 150's all this time, and my weight went all the way up to 159 recently even with my points lowered for losing (23 pts per day plus flex) for all this time. Well I finally got it back down to By getting a WICKED case of the flu. My kids and I have been SO sick all week. Now, how do I get the loss to stick? I'm not sure what to do about my points. I can't lower them anymore, that's as low as they can go...I'm wondering if I should actually try increasing them a tad. Not as high as maintenance, but maybe somewhere in between. Or keep them lowered, and see if it works since my body may be kicked back into losing mode from being so sick. Suggestions?

Criz-tawl, to answer your comment about "Cute ... but I do feel bad for dogs that are made to wear clothes. That's not what they're meant for ... they aren't dolls!"...Missy isn't MADE to, she LOVES to and she HAS to. Why? Because she is a Yorkie and they don't have an undercoat (particularly the silkies which is what Missy is). Their fur is just like human hair, so her running round with nothing on is just like her being forced to run around naked. When she's naked, she shivers her butt off whether she's inside or outside. She's still a puppy! Do you think I cut her out sock sweaters in her earlier months just for fun? It was necessary! Otherwise her blood sugar levels would drop and she could die from a hypoglycemic attack (which she battled with anyways)! She wears clothes almost every minute of the day and night. Maybe in the summer she'll be OK, but for now she gets mad at me when I take her clothes off and comes running to have them put back on. It's very cold where I live in the winter months. Trust me, I do NOT enjoy brushing the mats out of her fur from her constantly having to wear clothes. I figure because she has to wear clothes, she might as well look cute in them. Plus, I have to custom order from a very nice lady because of her small size. She just so happens to sell gorgeous dog clothing in small sizes ( I think it's best not to judge until you've done your research on the breed. So many people do this and it infuriates me! No, a German shephard shouldn't be made to walk around in a sweater, but a Yorkie or Chihuahua, or Mexican hairless may very well NEED to be dressed, particularly when they go outside!

Here are some more pictures of Missy DRESSED UP in all her cuteness. This is her first dress and a pic of her new trick....sticking her tongue out at me! Check out how she smiles for the camera now. SOOOOO CUTE! She's such a little angel. I love this dog :O)