Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Cool website! Bellaboo from the GDT posted about this website called It is AWESOME! I am totally going to use it. It's for tracking your food, exercise, and weigh ins, and you can set it to keep track of your WW points as well as calories, fat, fiber etc. I totally love it! Best of all it's FREE and it has a mobile app that you can put on your itouch, ipod, blackberry for FREE as well.

As far as how I'm doing this week, so far so good! Doing well with points (haven't used any flex yet), and earning those AP's!

Saturday, March 06, 2010

I'm still here :O)

Not much going on really. Still waiting to get in for surgery, but I've started running again. I went in and had a big talk with my doctor. I told her that if I didn't get back to running, I would need to go on antidepressants for my panic disorder. It's getting pretty bad. She agreed that I could run but not to overdo it, and I had to promise her that I'd do blood tests every 1-2 months to check on my anemia.

Here's a pic of my cute Yorkie girls.