Monday, July 12, 2010

Just poppin' in to say Hi :O)

And to let everyone know, I am doing well. I'm trying to be active and still religiously counting my WW points. I am still in the "healthy weight range for my height" after THREE YEARS on maintenance! I'm bouncing around the 160's, but gradually dropping weight because I finally quit taking the "Diane35" pills for acne treatment. My doctor assured me that the prescription wouldn't cause me to gain weight, but it has gradually causing me to gain (went from 140's to 170's) so I quit taking them, and I'm losing again (16 lbs in the last month). I've decided that if the acne comes back, I'd rather live with that then be fat again.

I'll be back when I have some good pictures to post. I just went on a LULULEMON splurge 2 days ago. Omg! I got 2 "Remix" hoodies (dark blue and light grey), a black "Admiral" jacket, the Turqoise "Zen" wrap, a yellow "Shape" jacket, a black "Cool Racerback" tank top, 2 "Scoop Neck" tank tops (one black, one peach), a bright pink "Power Y" tank top, a "Knotty" tank top, the black "Totally Twisted" dress, a pair of the black Wunder Under full length pants, and a "Flow Y" bra, a "Scoop" bra, and 2 "Tata Tamer" bras. PHEWWWW! Now THAT'S a shopping spree!!! :O)