Friday, December 17, 2010

I went for my 6 week follow up appointment with my plastic surgeon today. I've got clearance for everything! She said that I don't have to wear my post surgical garments anymore, only if I start to feel tight or sore. I can start exercising again. She wants me to gradually start up though, and to really watch it if I'm going to lift weights and maybe even hold off on those for awhile still. She said to just follow my body as far as both the exercise and ditching the compression garment go. I'm allowed in hot tubs, swimming pools...all of that is fine. My scars look great YAY! I am still swelling but with this surgery that can go on for months.

I asked about the loose skin at my hips, she said that they went as far as they could with the incision without doing a circumferential (full body lift), and she does not feel that a circumferential was necessary for me. She does say that I need a revision for a slight dog ear on my left side. We will do that in February, which is also when my next follow up appointment is.

Time to go for a bra fitting and get some good supportive bras, and some new panties!