Monday, January 08, 2007

Down 6.6lbs! Here's a pic to prove it :O)

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Anne said...

OMG Shaunna!!!! You are TEN pounds away from your doc's goal!!!

I can't believe it!!!! You're awesome!!!!

Vanessa said...

holy shit.

GOOD JOB!!!!!!!!

Shirls said...

your too cute! love the toes!

Julie said...

Hi Shaunna, I read your blog all the time and just wanted to say that you are so inspirational. I just realized too that your doc said it would take you a year as of Dec.12 to lose 22 lbs and its not even 1 month later and you are already down 12 lbs!!! TWELVE! with only 10 to go for the goal he set for you! my god woman, thats awesome, i would go back the second you reach goal (which i'm sure won't be very far away) and be like "1 year,huh?" HAHAHAHA Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

WTG Shaunna!!!

You are absolutely AMAZING. You always were a #1 Mom, now you look like a Foxy #1 Mom. You have such amazing willpower. Keep up the good work--it looks like all that hard work at the gym is paying off--bigtime! With your determination, you could move mountains. I'm so proud of you.

Love you to pieces

Ghastly said...

WTG!!!!!!!! .. Love the red nail polish ... Makes the Numbers stand out ;-)

Anonymous said...

Amazing! It's really too bad you did WW online rather than going to the meetings.... Everyone would have been soooo jealous of you for losing the pounds so quickly... and to lose 6 pounds in one week when you are so close to goal... 6 pounds!!! that's like a week #1 loss... not a 10 pounds from goal loss for a week. Way to go!!!! If I was you... I'd lose down to your goal of 167 (just b/c you know you can do it!!!) and then give yourself those five pounds to your dr's goal weight of 172 to fluctuate.... But, then YOU are the weightloss expert.. not me! Congrats. PS... Is that the lucky tile I see under the scale??? hee hee

Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS Shaunna! You are amazing! I just joined WW meetings tonight and you are my true inspiration!!!!! Way to go!

Paige said...

holy shit! way to go!!
great toe nails by the way.
also~ where did you get your ww scale?

zolly786 said...

jesus h christ (sorry guys, but i'm in awe) girl, that's incredible!

i don't know how your body does it, but i hate you! that is so awesome and you should be so proud of what you've accomplished! can your metabolism talk to my metabolism and give it a kick in the pants?

and yeah, if you showed up at my meeting losing that and chunkymonkey would hug you. maybe.

way to go!
kirsten (zolly786)

marie said...

holy crap woman! way to kick that scale's ass!

nice toes too!

Anonymous said...

That is so freaking awesome Shaunna!! I am so proud of you, you are rockin' this!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! That is freakin' amazing! You are within 10 pounds of your goal.....what are you gonna do then.....I'm so jealous!

Unknown said...

Hi Shaunna, what a great inspirational person you are and very lovely as well.
Wonderful to meet you and your children at last and hopefully one day will come over and visit your lovely Mum and her Neville. I have that on my wish list.
Keep looking forward Shaunna and being happy - you are a great success!
With warm smilz from Jaci
(Neville's little sister in NZ) :)

jen999 said...

Hey, Shaunna!!
You've been SO good to leave comments at my blog I HAD to come and leave one for you!! And I SO wanted to see that scale pic!! lol!! I don't think I remember hearing of anyone having such a big loss in one week! Amazing! And you're almost there!! You better not stop coming around as much when you reach goal, cuz you're my inpiration and I need you around!! Take care, hun! And btw, nice toes!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Wha ???
I SO didn't expect to see your toes this morning. LOL
182 ??? What the HELL. 6,6 pounds in a week.... Did you start going back to the gym ?
I SO miss you, but I've hardly been on the computer (it's on from the moment I get back from work, but then it's supper, and of course Ian-time as much as I can).
But still every morning it's GOTTAGETSHRUNK before anything else.
I'm speechless


jules said...

way to go!!!
you must be pumped!

Jen said...

This is the OTHER Jen (jenkennett) are doing SO amazing!!! I hope once you reach goal you stick around to keep inspiring the rest of us!!!

BTW, did you paint your nails specifically for the pic?? LOL!!!

TobyLauren said...

Oh!! You are my new hero. You're real, and you're DOING IT! Sometimes it seems so lonely doing WW - saw your posts on the MBs and thought I'd check out your blog. Wow. It inspires me. All I ever think about is my weight, it seems. I have so far to go... and my body just doesn't like to let go of the extra lbs! I started at 245ish lbs (2 kids in 2 years), and now I'm at 196. Damn it takes a long time.... but probably wouldn't if I were more devoted!

I'd love to meet you sometime. Seriously. Let me know if you'll be in Alberta (Edmonton area), any time.

A fan...
TL ;)

Anonymous said...

You are simply the most beautiful women in the world. I am so happy you can finally see what you have accomplished. You have worked at this so hard and been so dedicated. I can't believe you have had time to be a wife and mother too. You look GREAT and I am so lucky to have you by my side. Keep up the great work but don't work so hard. Love you more then life itself, your husband Brent.

Anonymous said...

Are you on myspace? And by the way my name is Shaunna too!

Anonymous said...

are you on myspace? I am and my display name is 50lbs to go!! I would like to be friends because my real name is Shaunna and I am doing the same thing.I started the end of may and my goal is on new years eve of this year.You could be very inspirational to me at this time so add me as a and paste to go to my myspace page.