Wednesday, March 28, 2007

So, I went for a fitting today for Custom Made Orthotics. For those who don't know, I've been getting some major shin splints when I run and the doctor told me that I need orthotics if I want to continue. Well, I was hoping to still be able to run my 10K race April 15th, but I found out today that it isn't even an option. He said MAYBE I'll be able to do a bit of running with my walking, but I definitely won't be able to run it all as I had planned. It's been 9 days and my shins aren't getting any better, so I'm only allowed to do low impact exercises for awhile. *sigh*....this sucks. But ANYWAYS, a bit of happy news too. My WONDERFUL Dh decided to get me a "goal gift" from him. I guess he figures I bought my own Ipod as my goal gift, so he wanted to get me something special from him. He knows that I have NEVER EVER had a purse worth more than 20-30 dollars (I'm so cheap), so he went and bought me a fancy shmancy new GUESS purse and wallet. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it so I thought that I'd share a pic :O)

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He also got me a nice tanktop with wide lace around the bottom to wear under my tshirts so that I won't be so self consious about my belly. Layering works to hide the bulge. He's the BEST :O)


Anonymous said...

Ouch! Shin splints suck! Orthotics will do wonders for you though.
Good on husband for picking out a purse- who knew hubbies could accessorize so well!? ha ha.

jen999 said...

Holy crap! Your Hubby is SUCH a sweetie!! LOVE the bag!! It's so nice!! And how awesome is he?? Buying you the tank tops because he knows that you feel self-conscious about your tummy!! I need to find me a man like that!!!

I'm REALLY sorry to hear that your shins are still so bad, and that you won't get to run on the 15th.. I asked you about shoe's the other night on the board, but hadn't replied to your post before for almost an hour, by that time it was pretty back on the board.. So he thinks that the orthopedic shoes will help??

Shirls said...

I hope the shin splints clear up and soon, remember "quick, quick, quick" :0)

as for the purse, oh my freakin' god girl its awesome!!! I have such a purse fetish, talk about a porn pic for me!

Natalie said...

Sorry to hear about your owies! I'm going to get orthotics when I go back to work (when my benefits kick back in and I don't have to pay). I've had flat feet my entire life and walking and running kills the arch in my foot, my shins, my knees and my ankles. My dad just got orthotics and the Dr. said that had he come to see her 20 years earlier, she could have reversed a lot of his alignment problems. So that's a very good thing to do!

The purse is gorgeous! I too buy cheap purses usually but how nice to have a fancy one! What a good DH.

Anonymous said...

Lmaooooo porn pic!!!!!!I love that your husband is so suppotive of you .Amazing purse:P anywyas hope your feel better! You rock

Anonymous said...

sorry to hear about the shin splints babes, hopefully the Orthotics will help. You hubby has amazing taste, I love Guess and anything Guess check my post tomorrow I'll put a pick of my favorite Guess shoes that I paid a fortune for but love soooo much, they are my "I feel sexy when I wear these" shoes
enjoy your bag :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Shauna,

What a great purse! Hope the orthotics help--mine were a lifesaver. Totally worth it!

Heather =)

Amanda said...

that is such a sweet thing for you hubby to do! and the purse is so nice!!! i hpe the orthotics help a bit with the shin splints! that's too bad that you can't do the 10k race :(

Jen said...


I LOVE guess purses and I have eyed that one myself!!!!

That is really super sweet of him to buy you a goal gift, now you have a nice place to put your ipod when you are out running around!!!

And yeah, I wear tanktops under EVERYTHING!!! I love layers!!!

marie said...

what a sweetheart he is! i loooove guess. it's a sick obsession. my goal dress was from marciano, just wish i could wear it more often.

hope your shins are feeling better and the orthos work for you!

Amanda said...

Love the purse!!! And may i also say, that you look amazing!!!

Unknown said...

I happened upon your blog searching for my "goal gift" actually lol i was looking for a guess purse. As i read your blog and looked at your progress I thought "wow if SHE CAN DO IT SO CAN I!"..only thing is how did you progress that fast from 281 down to 137 lbs? I'm the same height as well (5'10")and weighing in at approximately 265 lbs..35 lbs off from 30..which I WANT to change! what did you do that worked so well?