Friday, March 30, 2007

Just for fun because my 4 yr old wanted to take a pic. I thought that I'd share since I'm actually wearing colour today rather than my usual black attire :O)

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Anonymous said...

Awesome picture look fabulous, amazing, unbelievable. You look so much younger now, too young to have little ones....Nev and I might have to take them off your hands (till they are teens) hehehehe.

I'm so proud of you.....WTG.

Love you to pieces

Anonymous said...

OMG I agree with mom, you look so much younger when you wear colors!! You're super cute, and look so quiet and sweet and mommy-ish.
But don't make a habit of it, black IS your color. (sorry mom ;-)

Anywho, just wanted to say that.
Love the sandals.

Look at Jadie there so cute.

Love you hot stuff


Shirls said...

first of all girl you rock color and its so nice to see you in it, and of all colors orange!! my absolute favorite :0)

Anonymous said...

you look great, you are super slim and the children are gorgeous! I am so jealous you are wearing flips, not warm enough here in Montreal yet but soon, very soon :)

Natalie said...

There's no doubt that losing weight makes people look so younger. You look like your 10 years younger - it's amazing. And your kids are so adorable.

PS I'm kind of pissed that you're outside wearing sandals. Oye! I'll get over it :)

jules said...

you look so great!!
cute pic