Friday, May 11, 2007

The scale shows me down a pound today (not official WI though). Wow, I'm a little surprised. I kinda had the feeling that my body wouldn't let me lose anymore. Now the question low should I go? I'm 150.4 today. Input you guys! What do you think?


cat's dish said...

I may be completely ignorant when it comes to this, but does your body just not reach a point where it stops losing weight? I mean, if you keep following the plan the way you're supposed to, does that mean that you could end up losing 20 more lbs (not that you have 20lbs to lose! I'm just pulling a random number outta my arse!) I would think that once you reach a certain point, your body would just naturally know that there's literally no more fat to burn or weight to lose, and you'd just go into maintenance mode???

My thought would be, as long as you're eating healthy and living healthy, just keep doing what you're doing! I would think your body would just stop losing when it's done? Does that make sense? I've got baby brain, and things don't sound the way they're supposed to when I put thoughts down on paper these days!