Tuesday, May 01, 2007

I am getting so annoyed. Why can't people just be happy for me? After my big loss this week I am getting comments from people that are pissing me off. Things like, "you're starting to get that sunken hollow look", "you don't want to go too far", and "you need to stop losing weight if you want to stay healthy". Why is it that people are so bothered that I'm going below my goal weight? I set my goal weight for the very top of the weight range for my height. I am now in the middle of the weight range for my height. What's the issue here? If I wanted to, I could go all the way down to 139 and still be within that range. I don't plan on it, but I could! My body fat % is 22.7, an athlete would have 14-20, someone who is fit would have 21-24. I think that I'm right where I should be. What do you guys think? Am I wrong? I think I look fine. Maybe I should post an updated pic.


Vanessa said...

Argh! Ignore people. People are idiots. Honestly, you've educated yourself to what proper nutrition is, and developed a strategy for fitness. Your heart and body are THANKING you.

It drives me nuts when people who don't know what they're talking about open their mouths.

Jen said...

My god...some people have no fricken idea...if I saw you on the street and had NO idea of your back story I would say you look like someone who takes great care of her body and is extremely fit, not "someone feed her a sandwich"!!!

I think you look FANTASTIC!!! not sunken or hollow...perhaps they are just comparing to how you used to look???

unhealthy is definitelY NOT a word a would use to describe you!!!

Anonymous said...

shauna I think you look amazing.Don't let anyone tell you diffrent!!!!!!

Tamie said...

Do what YOU feel good about. You know how you feel, you know how you look. People may either be jealous, or even just not used to you looking thin. Too bad for them! Stand by yourself, and be true to yourself, and take all of that other stuff with a grain of salt!

You are an inspiration, you know it, and hear it daily. I am so proud of you, and I look up to you tremendously. You were where I am a short time ago, which tells me I can do this too. Thank you for that!!

Shirls said...

oh hun, I feel for you I really do, and I think at some point we all get those comments, I've chalked it up to part of process.

I think what is hard is that others are struggling so much, being completely OP and trying everything and still don't see those types of numbers flying away. Trust me while I'm always beyond happy for you some weeks its hard to read about someone else's incredible success while you, yourself are seeing ups even though your doing everything right.

I know you work so incredibly hard and deserve the scale numbers dropping but I also believe that you are one of the few, who are very lucky and are blessed with a body that responds incredibly well to the work you put in :0)

and again congrats girl!

marie said...

shaunna, i get the same thing all of the time. it gets on my nerves and sometimes it's too much to bear but i am STILL within my healthy weight range and my doctor is FINE with where I am, JUST LIKE YOU.

As long as you remain healthy and happy, that's all that matters.

Anonymous said...

You are stunning!!! You look healthy and beautiful! I don't know what those negative people see, because I don't see any 'sunken or hollow look'. Keep it up you're inspiring so many other women, me included!!

Anonymous said...

I think you look incredible. As the others have said you look healthy are absolutely stunning and are a very tall person. It is amazing how "envy" seems to rear its ugly head sometimes. I joined WW in January and your blog has been just an inspiration for me to keep on going. I hope to someday say that I have done as well as you have.

Anonymous said...

Hugs, Hugs, Hugs!!! Ignore those peopple who are saying that. Jealousy that is all it is and really people aren't use to seeing you that tiny.

You look marvelous and gorgeous and stunning and fit and I wanna be just like you!

You don't need to be explaining to anyone what you are aiming for if you don't want too. Of course we all want to know, but we all support you.

Janet --- mihartbreaks4u

Anonymous said...

We love you, we support you.

Anonymous said...

I think that people are jealous and need to make you feel like you are doing too much, or losing too much when no one can tell someone how they feel in their own body!!!If you want to stay at a certain weight fine, if you want to lose more than that, also fine, whatever works for YOU!!!

Anonymous said...

Remember how you told me once that you didn't like my new skinny-minny self so much ? You said that you didn't recognize me anymore (when I dropped from 160 to 125). You didn't mean it in a 'put me down' kind of way, but you genuinely did NOT recognize me anymore, as you met me when I was in the 150's.
I think that (most) people honestly don't recognize you anymore AND some might genuinely be worried for you.
I got all those 'you're an anorexic, it's obvious' comments all the time.
I for one am super duper mega happy for you, and can really understand your frustration with the comments.
Just a thought to give you another angle to people's comments.
Love you girl. So much.


jen999 said...

Are you fucking kidding me??? Seriously?? That's total bullshit, man! You look AMAZING! Sunken my ASS!! You know what, unfortunetly even people that are nice can be crappy and in my opinion it's a reflection of themselves.. Sometimes it makes them feel better to bring someone else down, and sometimes they're just dumbasses who don't know any better.. Whatever it is, they're wrong!! You know it, I know it, lots of people know it.. You DON'T look too skinny, I think you look rockin'.. And by no means are you sunkin in!! Dammit, I haven't wanted to kick someones' butt this bad in a long time!! lol!! ((Hugs)) I'm sorry you had to hear any of that, you're always so supportive and amazing to everyone else you're the last person who should've been hearing crap like that..

Anonymous said...

So where's the updated pic ?

Still waiting here.


Anonymous said...

Still waiting...

Shrunk said...

HAHAHHAHA, you are SUCH a brat :OP

I might get a haircut this weekend. Maybe I should wait until after that? Or are you just dying, want me to take a pic and just email it to you?

Anonymous said...

Do I really need to answer this question ??

E-MAIL IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Gawd girl, you should know me better by now.

Can't wait to see it.
Mail it at my videotron addy.
I'll check it out tonight when I get home after work.

Yippie !!
Oh by the way, you're only 7 pounds heavier than me. And you,re looking WAY thinner than me (coz you're fit and I'm not)
So that makes you offically skinny coz you always call me skinny.