Monday, May 28, 2007

UP a lb for WI today. Thks TOM, can sure tell you're arriving soon. I think I'll switch back to losing for this week. I liked the lower 140's better than the upper range.


jen999 said...

Well, up 1 lb sucks, but it's NOTHING compared to be up 6 lbs!! Saturday must've just been a fluke!! And TOM sucks!! But I have to say that I was relieved to see you were only up 1 lb after seeing your Saturday post.. Especially since it's a TOM problem and not really a gain! So no bridge jumping, unless you've got a bungee attatched to your ankles!! lol!!

And btw, your birthday pictures are amazing!! Your face is so thin!! You look like a skinny chick, heck, you ARE one! Hot, hot, hot!! You ROCK Shaunna!! Mwwwaaa!!