Wednesday, June 06, 2007

I'm still losing weight! Guess my body doesn't want to stop. Check out what I saw on the scale today. Down 1.6 lbs since WI on Monday. Geesh, I've almost lost exactly half of myself. If my body decides to drop another 2.2 lbs I will have! Crazy! So, I may have to add another couple of maintenace points. I don't want to lose anymore. My ass is disappearing LOL! Flat asses aren't very attractive :OP


Shirls said...

congrats girl and the flat ass thing... tell me about it! even at my heaviest I never had an ass, sigh... I even asked the surgeon if she could divide the front and push it around back, apparently that is not how its done :0)

cat's dish said...

Jeebus!!!! I LOVE your success!!! Just for the record, I would give ANYTHING for a flat ass - just before they put me under for surgery, I asked them to check my ass for cysts cuz I was pretty sure I had a few dozen hiding in there!

They said no. !!!!

HA! I think you're doing AMAZINGLY well, and you're totally my inspiration! I wanna look like you after I have my baby! Tattoos included! WTG on your fantastic maintenance/continued shrinkage!

Jen said...

*laughs* you DO know they do butt implants now hey???

Congrats though!!! Your body just doesn't know what to do with itself!!!!

You are friggen awesome...I think you should know that on a daily basis!!!

Anonymous said...

We're the same weight !!
I'm 140lbs, and when TOM is around i go to 144lbs.
Also when I really eat junk for many days straight, I go up to 144-145, then loose it after being careful and go back down to 140.

Flat ass. hahahaha. I've had that all my life. Didn't you always tell me you had a bubble but ? They look so sexier.
Flat asses are pancakie.
Not attractive no.
Get your butt back !

Love you Twiggy

Jaime said...

Woman, you are a machine! I hear ya on the flat ass.... DBF was actually disappointed that I lost weight back there! haha! WTG!

marie said...

i am the same as shirls - if they could take that pooch in the front and slap it on my ass i'd be in HEAVEN!

John Rambo's Wife said...

Did you ever think there was a time when you would get to the point that you have to add in more points to stop losing weight??!!

WOW!! lol...that made my chuckle a little. You are doing so awesome!! :)