Sunday, June 03, 2007

My Mom and her DH took a few pics of me this Saturday. I thought that I'd share :O)


John Rambo's Wife said...

WOW! Shaunna you look incredible. Your arms are SO small!!! The change in you is so dramatic. WOW! again that's all I can say. Way to go. You are so incredibly beautiful and you look so happy. I think that is the main difference. When you look at your pics now and look at the ones from earlier, check out your smile. It has just been HUGE in these last few months. Seriously! Its brillant!! Congrats on all your success. Enjoy the weekend with your family and all the celebrations.

Sonya said...

Hi there,

This is attempt #2 at leaving you a message. Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for the words of encouragement on my blog. I have looked at your before and after pictures. What a difference. My jaw dropped actually. That is exactly the response I want to get when I get to goal. Congrats on your accomplishments! You look so happy.


wannago said...

Wow, you look so hot!! :-) and like Kathryn said what an incredible smile. You are still such an inspiration to so many of us!

marie said...

your kids are such cuties and you're such a ham.

love those shorts too!

Tamie said...

Awwwww such cuties! We REALLY need to get our kids together soon! Let's plan a date to the park. Orrrrr you could come over for the day, have lunch, let the kids play in the yard!