Friday, May 23, 2008

I was a little freaked out for my weigh in today. I had three birthdays to celebrate this week (mine, my dad's, and my daughter's), plus my anniversary. I had tons and tons of cake, homemade ice cream, alot of wine, steak and snacks. I was over my points for the week by at least 50...BUT I was down 3.6 lbs :O)

PHEW! Close one ;o)

I made the cake in this first picture for my Dad's birthday. He really liked it. Then there's a few pics from throughout the week. I'll post more later.


Jen said...

Yay! SOunds like you had your cake and ate it too!!! ;p sorry, had to say it!!!

That sounds like one busy week!!! You look fabulous (as always) and I ADORE those cakes! SO CUTE!!!

Leslie said...

That's SO great... i've read your blog forever, and you always seemed to lose weight the weeks you ate cake.... how lucky can you be??!!

congrats :)

Shrunk said...

It's so weird Leslie. I wonder if it's because I don't eat cake very often, or because I run around like a lunatic putting on the parties and entertaining house guests during this time of year. Either way, I'll take it, I ♥ cake!

Shirls said...

wow, that was one busy birthday week! happy belated birthday and I have say girl you look damn fine in those pictures, I love the side profile shot of you carrying the cake, skinny chickee!

Girl on a Mission... said...

Oh my goodness.....I'm in awe of your success! I can not believe the amount of weight you have lost and how tiny you are now! You are another motivation to keep running. Did you run the entire time you were following WW? I was following WW and lost motivation....and I'm slowly becoming addicated to running. Tonight is my "first" official night to run spouse is going to follow me on his bike and time me for 20 minutes. I'm in the middle of my couch to 5k program...and it's Week 5, Day 3....running for 20 minutes straight.

I would love for you to send me your link to a blog entry where you 'started'...and how you wrapped your head around losing weight.

Did you only follow WW?
Did it really only take you one full year??


TinyTrim said...

You've got some mad cake decorating skills there!

As always, I'm super impressed with how great you look. Congrats on your 1-year anniversary, too!

Anonymous said...

wow! you look amazing! i just ran across your blog and you are very inspiring! i can't believe how much weight you lost in a year!

Blossom said...

Just wanted to say, you (and your blog) are awesome! I loved reading about your progress, and ups & downs. I'll definitely be keeping up with you (the fact that we have the same first name doesn't hurt either!! ;-)

Sonya said...

Happy Birthday girl!

Alli said...

I just stumbled upon your blog. I can not wait to read all your posts from start to finish... you and I are the same height.. and I have a similar weight goal that you are currently at. Just wanted to drop ya a note adn say HI from a new reader!!
P.S. YOU are so gorgeous!

ivoryfrog said...

wow, I just came across you blog and just had to let you know how amazing your weightloss is!

I am trying to lose weight (start weight of 235lbs, want to get to 126lbs or there abouts cause I am only 5ft 3 tall) and you pictures down the side there have shown me what an amazing difference even losing some of the weight can make.

Congratulations on your amazing weightloss!

Krista said...

Great job on the cakes! Great blog, I'll deffinately be reading!

:) See you in class next week!