Friday, May 02, 2008

Pics from the last VPC get together.


cdndyme said...

I am loving your stats!
What an inspiration!!!
I hope you don't mind, I would love to link to you so that I can keep up with your journey.
Wendy - cdndyme

Shrunk said...

Go for it Wendy! I'd love if you linked me :O)

Roni said...

YOU ARE AWESOME! I just found your from a link on my new community.

Seriously girl you look FAB! Such an inspiration.

I'm also going to link to you, if that's ok. :~)


PS LOVE LOVE LOVE the tattoos. Just beautiful!

Shrunk said...

Roni! What an honour! Your site is one of my favourite ever! I will link you too, and right near the top since I already visit regularly. I'm so excited that you came to my blog :O)

marie said...

So did you guys try and put runny in your pocket and keep her?

She's cute, eh?

Shirls said...

you girls look so great, wish I could have been there :(