Monday, September 29, 2008

It was Dh's birthday, so I of course had to make a cake. I didn't have time for anything extravagant, but he loved it none the less. It tasted delicious! Mmmmmmm, chocolate :OP

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

What a fun weekend! Bellaboo hopped on a plane and came to visit us VPC'ers. Azriel and Pamalam drove several hours to get in on the action. It was a blast! I haven't had that much fun in a long time. Brodiegirl, being the gracious hostess that she is, had a get together at her home for everyone. I couldn't partake in all of the weekend festivities, but I guess the ladies went for Sushi, Gelato, and had pedicures done.

Here is a picture of Bellaboo and I. I ♥ this lady. She is just an absolute sweetheart, and it was so nice to meet her in person.

Azzie brought everyone some of her infamous "porch wine". It's the best! She insisted that I take a bottle home (twist my rubber arm).

We played some Rockband. MsBlingBling has quite the voice!

Here is a pic of Brodiegirl and I sampling MsBlingBling's fabulous Vodka Fudge. Normally this fudge is only 2 pts per serving. I'd imagine with the vodka it would be more...but who was counting that night? ;o)

Thanks everyone for a fantastic night! I loved seeing you all, and can't wait until the next VPC get together. We'll have to plan one soon!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Another person with a weight problem :O(

It's my son, and he's only 6 yrs old. I've noticed him "growing" these last few months. Back in spring, I started to become concerned. Particularly when I did some research and found out that he should only be 56 lbs. At that time he was 67 lbs. Since then, he's grown an inch taller and gained 8 lbs. At the doctors last week, he weighed in at 75 lbs, he should only be 58. She was a little concerned, and offered a few suggestions. So, I've changed some things at our house. Juice is now limited to ONE per day (she said not to buy it at all, but I feel one per day is OK), and that goes for all 3 of my kids. Just because the other 2 are at a normal weight doesn't mean they can't eat healthier as well. I am serving more veggies than I was before, and not catering to fussiness. If they don't like what's on their plate, they can pick it out or avoid it. I'm hoping that by offering a variety of foods, they will take the plunge and try new things from time to time. My 6 yr old has already tried several new foods this week. Most importantly we are watching portion sizes. My son tends to eat VERY fast, then wants 2nds before his brain has had time to realize his tummy is full. Now I ask him to wait 10 mins, and if he's still hungry I will give him more food. Not once has he waited the 10 mins, then needed more. We are also putting more emphasis on drinking water, cutting down on sugar, and increasing the amount of activity that they get. My kids are already very active, but I'm giving them even more opportunity for exercise. I am proud to say that after one week of making these few changes, my boy is already weighing in 4 lbs less on the scale. I'm not putting him on a diet, or trying to make him lose weight...I'm just guiding the kids towards a healthier lifestyle. If he loses weight then great. Right now my goal is just to prevent him from gaining anymore.

Now, as far as my weight loss attempts go...starting Monday (weigh in day) I'm going to try again. I used it in the past, and loved it. I just found it a little more time consuming than counting points. Something mustn't be right though. For me to be on plan for this many weeks, and not lose a single lb, is just odd. I like how accurate sparkspeople is. So, that will be my experiment for next week. If it doesn't work for me, I'm done trying. There is no point in depriving myself of food if it's not helping me to lose these 5-10 lbs that I'd like to get rid of.

And since this post was partially about my kids, here's a pic I took of them yesterday showin' off their new haircuts :O)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Still tryin' to lose, still not getting anywhere...this week I'm not using any flex and keeping my pts lowered to 25 per day. I will earn my 28ap's this week as well.

Soon, I'll just give up. My body is comfortable in the 150's whether I like it or not.

AH WELL - tis life I guess!

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Wow - I got an email from another blogger sharing the link to his (yes I said his) WW blog. I was so totally blown away by him that I have to share the LINK with you all. He's lost 89 lbs since February, and his goal is to lose 100 lbs in total. It's looking like he'll reach his goal in under a year. Now THAT'S pretty freakin' amazing!

ANYWAYS, I found this guy to be very inspirational, so I figured you all would too :O)

P.S. I started at the gym again today after some time off. I'm trying kind of a mid-range pts for this week. I normally do 30 for maintenance, and 23 for losing, but 23 hasn't helped for several weeks now. I'm trying 25 (plus flex and ap's of course) for this week. Hopefully some good workouts will help get things moving. I'd really just like to get back into the 140's again...PLEASE!!!

Monday, September 01, 2008

Still a big kid at heart :OP