Monday, December 04, 2006

Every Sunday Dh and I take the kids to swimming, and then McDonald's. Anyways, I was walking back and forth from the till to the table giving the kids their ice cream cones, and the teller asked me from across the restaurant what kind of dressing I wanted for my salad. I said, "What do you have that's low-fat"? There were two overweight people sitting at a table listening, and DH said they gave me a dirty look, and then looked at each other and rolled her eyes like to say *Why does SHE need low fat dressing? She's not fat!*
Dh told me this and I was just beaming :O) I finally don't feel "fat" anymore when I'm out in public, and this kinda proves that other people aren't seeing me as that way either :O)


Anonymous said...

Oh God, you're getting the dirty looks from the fatsos. :-)
That rocks.


Anonymous said...

I guess it's time to start snubbing you...skinny b!tch!! HAHAHAHA.. that's awesome Shaunna!!! You do look great!


Anonymous said...

haha! brings back memories of that one chick - the other PP one -- what was her name?? Lisa? She had a girl, then twins? She got all mad that the "skinny bitches" were trying to lose weight! You are looking amazing these days!! Keep up the good work! We need official "Onederland" pictures!