Friday, December 01, 2006

This is the first week that I feel just BLAH about Weight Watchers. It's not that I don't want to do it, or that I'm struggling with food, I'm just SO not into it. I'm wondering if it's depression. Kinda feels like it. It's midnight and I'm sitting here with 7.5 daily points left. This has happened to me the last three nights. I'm not hungry, NOTHING sounds exciting to eat. I even have a Cadbury Thin bar sitting at my desk, but I just don't want it! Food is NOT turning me on this week, and neither is exercise. I went to the gym tonight, and I only did a half an hour of cardio. I never do that! Half an hour is peanuts, and the night before at home I did a measly 15 freaking minutes. 15 minutes? Why did I bother? I've lost my drive and I hope I get it back. I don't expect any kind of a loss this week. This is the first time I don't really even care (as long as I don't gain). I know, I suck...sure hope I get my oomph back :O(


Anonymous said...

I am feeling the exact same way! BUT, when I read through your posts and feel your excitement when you have posted losses I find myself getting pumped back up about this!
And having a cadbury bar just sitting there without me eating it???I wish that would happen! I am such a piglet lately

wendy said...

Feel better you got that out?


You made your new year's goal already. Take a few days, regroup, then remind yourself that You are SOOOOOO close! You are 72% of the way through your goal. In the, what, 16 weeks since you've joined weight watchers you've come 65% of the way through to your final goal. You're losing 4% a week!!!!! You could be at your goal in nine weeks. NINE! Maybe a hot new dress for a night on the town for Valentine's Day? Then you can take the pictures from early 2006 and compare them with February 2007 and say "before" and "goal met." Not to many people pull off a 114 pound loss in about a year. You're going to do it. Do you realize that? That's an average of 9.5 pounds a month, over two pounds a week. Ambitious to say the least. And you've done it. You've been doing it. And you'll do it until you're done, I know it.

Have a funk day, then look at your pictures again and realize how fucking hot you are and how you're going to be at your goal so quickly when you snap out of it. Wouldn't surprise me in the least if you were in the 180s by the new year. You're going to need new clothes again soon. :-)

wendy said...
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Anonymous said...

we all hit walls at some point in our WW journey and have those nights with too many points left over and no drive to eat (even treats!). you could try to shake things up a little though: try new foods, new gym routines, etc. and see if that kick starts things a little. It will pass, you'll see.

and i know this has no bearing on it either way, but you totally kick ass!