Sunday, December 24, 2006

I had my weigh in today rather than Christmas Day. Down 2 lbs! What a day to break into the 180's, right on Christmas eve, LoL! That should keep me in line :OP


jules said...

way to go on the 2 pd loss!@
especially this time of yr!@!!

Dena Rox said...

WTG Shaunna,
You are a motivation to all of us slackers who half ass it and get nowhere.
it actually makes me feel guilty cause you have been working so damn hard while i sit on my ass and do nothing!

So YAY for all your hard work and much deserved success and boourns on my lazy ass. I'm coming back... see ya at the 02 loss site!!



Anonymous said...

PICS, we want PICS !
I check evey day for new body pics and nooope.
None to be seen (recent ones that is)

Love ya girl
Hope you're having a nice holiday