Friday, June 29, 2007

DENIED as a Success Story. Yep, you read it right. My application was not approved by the Science and Nutrition Team at Weight Watchers because I lost my weight at a rate of 2.3 lbs per week. Their "rapid weight loss policy is based on the threshold at which poor outcomes are more likely to occur, and it states that a healthy rate-of-loss must be 2 lbs or less per week from starting weight to goal weight". I feel like I am being punished for being an overachiever. How is it my fault that the program works this well for me? I can't control the rate that my body loses weight.

Should I have cheated on the program? Exercised less? Not been ON PLAN every freaking day? I only did what Weight Watchers tells us to, and to the "T" I might add. I visited two different doctors throughout my journey just to be sure that it was OK to lose the way I was. I wanted to make sure that I was doing everything right. I know that I was losing fast, but as I said I was doing what the program says! Both doctors felt I was VERY healthy, and were quite impressed with my weight loss and fitness level. They told me to continue exactly what I was doing. I can't believe I will not achieve one of my personal goals because I did the job too well. It seems so unfair.

There is a petition on the Weight Watchers Message Boards to try to get them to change their minds. Here's the LINK for anyone that wants to sign.

THANKS TO EVERYONE on the message boards I belong to. Your support was exactly what I needed today. I AM a Success Story, I'm YOUR Success Story. I never could have done this without you all.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Today was my 6th WI on Maintenance and I'm down 3.2 lbs. I don't know why the weight keeps coming off, I'm thinking it's because I'm so active. My Body Fat% dropped too. It's at 19.9%. I weighed in at 140.8 today, so I've lost half of myself now. Kinda neat. Here's the scale shot as proof :O)

Sunday, June 24, 2007

My first set of high heels, my first pair of Size 6 pants, and a Size Small shirt. 141 lbs :O)

Monday, June 18, 2007

Well, today was my 5th WI on maintenace. I was a little freaked out to get on the scale because this week was my first week EVER going off plan. I had two sets of company stay at my house, and I went over my flex points by about 8-9 pts. I really thought I'd be up on the scale today, but I'm not! I lost 2 lbs :O)

Monday, June 11, 2007

UP 1.2 lbs for my 4th WI on maintenance. Here's how my maintenance WI's have gone, I switched over when I reached 149.6 lbs down at the bottom there.

Weight 146 lb Change 1.2 lb
Weight 144.8 lb Change -3.4 lb
Weight 148.2 lb Change 1 lb
Weight 147.2 lb Change -2.4 lb
Weight 149.6 lb Change -1.8 lb

It's kinda weird to have these small gains. At first I want to get upset but then I realize that my weight is suppose to stick around here, so that means sometimes my weight will fluctuate a little up or down, and I just have to learn to accept that. I'm getting use to it...I think :OP

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

I'm still losing weight! Guess my body doesn't want to stop. Check out what I saw on the scale today. Down 1.6 lbs since WI on Monday. Geesh, I've almost lost exactly half of myself. If my body decides to drop another 2.2 lbs I will have! Crazy! So, I may have to add another couple of maintenace points. I don't want to lose anymore. My ass is disappearing LOL! Flat asses aren't very attractive :OP

Monday, June 04, 2007

My 3rd weigh in on maintenance was today and I'm down 3.4 lbs putting me at 144.8 lbs. My weight seems to be fluctuating between 144 and 148. I'm happy with that! I get 26 points per day now, and I'm eating every single flex and activity point that's available to me. It feels like I'm getting tons of food now and I'm having no problem staying on plan. I'm finding maintenace alot easier now. I guess that I just needed a couple of weeks to adjust :O)

Sunday, June 03, 2007

My Mom and her DH took a few pics of me this Saturday. I thought that I'd share :O)