Monday, June 11, 2007

UP 1.2 lbs for my 4th WI on maintenance. Here's how my maintenance WI's have gone, I switched over when I reached 149.6 lbs down at the bottom there.

Weight 146 lb Change 1.2 lb
Weight 144.8 lb Change -3.4 lb
Weight 148.2 lb Change 1 lb
Weight 147.2 lb Change -2.4 lb
Weight 149.6 lb Change -1.8 lb

It's kinda weird to have these small gains. At first I want to get upset but then I realize that my weight is suppose to stick around here, so that means sometimes my weight will fluctuate a little up or down, and I just have to learn to accept that. I'm getting use to it...I think :OP


Shirls said...

nice job! your staying put where your suppose to be, I think your doing awesome!

Dennis & Jodi said...

I am so excited for you! You look great and you look like you FEEL great -- and that is the most important part!! Yippee for Shaunna!!! (you might have to change your name now to half of shrunk!lol)

marie said...

i'm always like a little see-saw (within about 5lbs). it's just the way it is. totally what it's all about.

Crystal said...

Are you weighing yourself more than once a week? If yes STOP IT :P Nah I'm just joking ... you're doing awesome Shaunna, keep up the great work! I'm proud of ya!

Shrunk said...

Every day Crystal, that will never change. I think it keeps me on track :O)