Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Oh MANNNNN, I'm totally screwed. I overtrained with my running and now I've given myself shinsplints. The last time I got them, it took 1.5 months of rest to heal. My 10K race is in exactly 19 days. I am STRESSING OUT! I was really getting to a happy place with my running. I was going further and faster than ever before, and now this? What a setback for me! Will I even be able to run the race? I don't know :O( I tried the Elliptical, the Stairclimber, and the Bike the last couple of days at the gym. I've just been trying to find something that I can do to keep my cardio level up. None of these worked for me. I am in pain even when I'm just sitting here. WHY ME?!? I'll tell you why, because I didn't listen to my body. My legs started to hurt during a run, and what did I do? Kept running! And then what did I do after that? Ran again the following the day! What a stupid thing to do. Now I pay the price.


Anonymous said...

I've never left a comment but check in to see your progress (it's great motivation for me). Anyway, fill some dixie cups up (the paper ones) with water and freeze them. When you are done running, rub the ice from the cups up and down your shin (it will help). You can just tear the cup as the ice melts. Good luck!

marie said...

Cute new layout - me likes. Very you.

Now, what schedule are you following for running, my dear? You should only be doing long runs one day a week and the rest should be shorter distances, hills, speedwork, etc.

And try stretching out the calves by simply doing a childs pose from yoga for a bit. That always helps me.

Lucas said...

What a drag! I hope you rest up and heal quickly. It would be a bummer to miss the race but if you aren't well by then, sit it out! There will be other races but you only have one body.

Shirls said...

ok, girl get your butt to a fitness store asap and spend $20 and purchase a foam roller, then roll from just under your knee (never over the knee, front or back) all the way to your ankle and back up again, very, very slowly. Its going to help big time and fast..

and you can find the best running tips here, to help prevent it happening again, remember the "B"s of running...


Martalu said...

The running store whre my friend buys her shoes had her using a certain shoe + taping her legs when she gets shin splints.

Of course, hers never hurt when she's just sitting there...

Get better soon!

Unknown said...

Oh man, Shaunna, I totally hear you. I gave myself shin splints last summer from running 2 days in a row. Now I run every other day.

Do you usually run everyday? If so, for how long?

I agree though -- you have to listen to your body. I have made the mistake of not listening to mine, and I suffered the consequences. I was out of running for about 2 weeks.

Give youself a few days to rest. Then maybe try some light cardio. I'm sure in about 2 weeks you'll be fine, and then you'll still have a few days to train for your race.

I'm so sorry this happened to you! :(

Jaime said...

Oh crap. Why is it that even when we're trying to be extra healthy and active, something like this bites us in the ass?

Take care of yourself and make sure to take your rest days. Have you tried riding the bike? I like the recumbant bike because it's not so hard on my butt.

Get better soon!

Tanya said...

I'm sorry I hope it gets better soon!

Anonymous said...

oh noooo
I really feel for you. Fuck those hurt.
Did you use Shirls' advice ? That foam roller thingie.
Poor girl, fast shin healing vibes.
I'm like you, I seldom listen to my body and always push it to the extreme.
Cutie pie.

Shaunna said...

Dude .. you rock! Such an inspirational story you have. Just a fellow Shaunna here. I stumbled across you in blogworld and love the pink! Keep up the good work. oh, love the haircut, too ;)

Anonymous said...

Like the first poster, I have never left a comment but your blog is really inspiring and I read it frequently. I am a runner as well and I tore a ligament a few years ago and my physio recommended water running. It's an effective mode of cross training and you can really work on your form. It's definitely worth a shot, I actually really enjoy it. Good luck!


Anonymous said...

I totally agree with the above poster. Water running. Great way to keep up the cardio and workout the whole body like the non-running support muscles at the same time.

The foam roller is also a blessing to many. Work it slowly and don't forget the RICE.

Take it easy on yourself and I hope you listen to your body more. Have you seen a sports doc yet or physio?

You are not out of the race yet so just hang in there and keep up the cardio how ever you can without aggravating your shins.

Anonymous said...

Man that sucks Shaunna!! I think Happychix has got some good advice there! I used to get shin splints all the time and they are a giant drag. You definitely need to take some time off and try not to worry too much about losing your cardiovascular ~ with the shape you are in, it would take a long while to really drop in capacity I'm sure. Don't give up on the race yet!!!

I'm rooting for you.