Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Showin' off the new little top that I got at the Lulu outlet last weekend. Brodiegirl, MsBlingBling and I went out shopping and we had a BLAST! I got this cute, little, green and black top for TWENTY BUCKS! It was regular $30 (outlet prices), but I made them discount it even more. It is a "SAMPLE" top, which means it was created by Lulu, but then never put into production. So this is the only one in existance! Anyways, I like it. It's great for layering. I'm wearing it over a t-shirt in this pic, but the black sections on the shirt are kinda meshy and see thru, so it looks nice with a tank top underneath too. We hit up the Mac makeup store as well. I spent a load of money, but got alot of nice new eyeshadows and "lipglass". I made one other teensy purchase the following day. I bought a black bathing suit that is cut like a dress, you wear your bikini underneath it. The best thing about it (besides the awesome deal I got) is the size! An XSML! :O)

Anyways, enough braggin' from me. It's my blog, so I can brag if I want to...right? :OP


Anonymous said...

Woohoo!! Lookin' great - Congrats!

Anonymous said...

I sooo wish there was an outlet in the T dot! I am such an addict.

Kathleen (Jez)

Shirls said...

very cute girl, your so addicted to lulu! lol

Unknown said...

Wow! That's really cute! You're a hottie! :)

Hey, how are your shin splints? They totally suck and I hope you're feeling better :)

Anonymous said...

please know that Im seriously not as odd as this shall come off---but I LOVE YOU!

I clicked through to your blog via other peoples blogs and love it.

the tats.
the skulls.
your writing.



Anonymous said...

I loooove it
Very very cute and you.

jaxgirl said...

Did you ever imagine????

I've always been real balanced top and bottom (my middle went out of control though) Now that I'm thinner, I find my bottom is easily a medium (even some smalls fit) but my top is large (some medium) and it ain't my b00bs to blame!!!

Any such thing as a shoulder reduction????

Keep up the great work girl!

Anonymous said...

Bikini? Man, I need a dose of your confidence.

V. cute shirt!

:) Tamara

Shrunk said...

The bikini goes UNDER the bathing suit dress Tamara. I wouldn't be caught dead in just the bikini :OP

Unknown said...

Good luck in the Sun Run this weekend if you are able to run it! :)

Carleen said...

great shirt! sounds like a very successful shopping trip!

Anonymous said...

You look nice in your shirt! I love reading your blog and I think your weight loss is inspirational! Cheers to you from Winnipeg..nancy d.

Anonymous said...

nice to find another blogger who loves lululemom, although I am very jealous that you are near an outlet. My lulu clothes are what get me up and moving in the morning.

Sonya said...

looking good girl!