Thursday, May 01, 2008

These are preview photos from the Sun Run that I can purchase online if I chose to. Some were bought for me last year as a gift, but I don't know if I will bother getting any this time around. I think that I will start to run more races this year, and the pictures really won't be a big deal since it's not my "first race" anymore. Anyways, here's a peek. They aren't that good of quality, but it's proof that I did cross the finish line ;o)

I am dressed in all black, with the yellow bib.

And to celebrate, I bought myself a new pair of ass kickin' Asic Nimbus 9's (magenta and silver coloured, offered only at the Running Room). I'm going to take them for their first spin tomorrow :O)


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say, you are such an inspiration to me! I'm the same height as you and got down to 160lbs from 225lbs in 2006, have slowly crept up to 190lbs. Reading your blog and seeing how well you've done has really given me the boost I needed, I feel like I can do it and it's possible!

Thank you so much!

ashley said...

The shoes sound great! I LOVE Asics!

And your last photo is priceless :) You have to get at least that one!

Jen said...

AWESOME job girl!!!!

And I think it's even better that you rewarded yourself!!! You deserve it!!!!

thenewsarahsundae said...

I'd love to see what your new shoes look like!! They sound awesome!!

Heatherette said...

Great Job! The pictures are fantastic!

Karine said...

hhmm. They look the same as last year, only different outfit. :-)
I wouldn't get them personally.
You're a bit far away and like you said, if you start running more every year, the pics aren't that special.
But if you do decide to buy them, oh please do post so I can see your pretty face upclose.
Love the runners, I remember trying some Nimbus on... remember those 2 weeks that I ran. hahahaha

marie said...

LOVE the hands up in the air and love the colour of the shoes.

My new ones will be bright green when my friend gets them in (love my nike hook ups :P...don't love the colour so much though).

Hella jealous :)

Anonymous said...

Great job with the run! I just bought the same sneakers in blue two weeks ago and I love them. I use to get shin splints really bad even just from walking and these sneakers have really helped! Thanks for the inspiration!

MizFit said...

off to search but FLEET FEET?

you in NC?


Joni said...

You are a machine!! YOU rock!!!