Friday, November 27, 2009

Check out Crazy Dora at the breeders yesterday. I am picking her up TONIGHT!!!! WOooO HoOoOoo, so excited!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I will give you guys a little upate on me and how I'm doing lately. I'm still not exercising. I just hate "light exercise", so honestly, I'm not doing anything at all. Remember how my doctor was sending me for all those tests (blood, urine, stool, ultrasound)? Well, the blood test came back as still anemic (although I've been taking iron supplements) and laying off the high intensity workouts/running, so she upped my iron intake to 3 pills per day. At the ultrasound, my doctor had ordered an abdominal and pelvic exam. While the radiologist was doing it, she asked me why I needed these ultrasounds. I started explaining to her that I have sporatic and heavy bleeding, along with being anemic for a year, and I have alot of pelvic discomfort. It's been going on for 4 yrs now. When she was done, she asked me to wait while she talked to the doctor. When she came back, she said that the doctor would like to do an internal ultrasound, so I agreed. They said that if my doctor needed to see me she would let me know this week because she gets the results in a matter of 2-3 days. I didn't hear from my doctor, so I thought that all was good, but she did end up calling me...8 days later :O( When I went in for the appointment, my doc told me, "you have nothing to worry about, it's just polyps, they are almost always benign, we will just wait 6 months and do another ultrasound to see if they've changed. I went home and felt very nervous. It was really bothering me that I'm having these symptoms. If we know what *might* be causing these symptoms, then why aren't we doing something now to fix it? It's gone on for 4 yrs! So I wrote a letter and dropped it off at her office requesting a referral to a gynecologist. She did so immediately (within 5 mins of dropping off the letter). For the next day, I kept visualizing the little diagram she had drawn on the ultrasound report describing to me what polyps were and blah blah blah...but the whole time she was drawing, my eyes were scanning that report...I didn't remember seeing the word "polyp" anywhere. It drove me nuts for 2 days, so finally I just went in and requested a copy of my ultrasound report. Sure enough! I read the report and it says that I have thickening of my endometrium (6mm) at the fundus, and NO VASCULAR STALK indicating that it was polyps. What am I crazy? Why would she tell me I have polyps and nothing to worry about, when it says right there in black and white that I don'thave polyps I have thickening of the endometrium? Anyways, I see the gynecologist on Dec 17, we'll see what happens then. If anyone has any experience with these things, feel free to fill me in. I am still counting my WW points and being a good girl, but I can't lose weight. I am stuck at the upper end of my "healthy weight range". It is SO frustraing eating with my points set "to lose weight" and just being stuck at 167 lbs. I'm still considered healthy, but not where I like to be. I guess the lack of exercise is why. Anyhow, that's how I'm doing in life these days. Now, on to happier things... :O)

New pics of Dora! Her breeder was telling me about how crazy she is. She said that I'd better be ready to give some time-outs LOL! I guess she's a real handful and thinks she's a little Diva. I think that I can handle her ;o)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

New pics of little Baby Dora! She is 7.5 weeks old now and 1 lb 11 ozs, the breeder says she can come home when she is close to 2 lbs. She had her first set of shots today, and I ordered her 2 pairs of jammies. One is a yellow "retro puppy" nightie with purple trim, the other is a pair of 4 legged jammies that are pink with pigs all over them.

I love this pic where she's tilting her head to the side when the breeder is talking to her. It's cute to see her with her Mommy too. Doesn't it look like she's smiling in the last picture? Missy does that too. Awwww, can't wait to finally have this little one home, but I'm not going to rush it because I know that it's so crucial that this little one stay with her Mommy as long as possible.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Earlier pics of Missy's Mommy with the new Yorkie babies.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I've got exciting news! It's two new furbabies. One is with me now, she is a black kitty named "Princess". This is the first cat that I've ever liked. She is an awesome little kitty, and so great with my kids. The 2nd furbaby is not home with me yet, as she isn't weaned from her Mommy. She is another Yorkie that comes from a litter that Missy's Mom and Dad had, so basically they are sisters! She is only 6 weeks old right now, so I have to wait another 4-6 weeks before she can come home. Isn't she precious? My husband named her Dora. I like the name, it's cute and original :O)

Woo Hoo! I can't wait until December when I get her!