Thursday, December 28, 2006

Here's your progress pic Karine (and Auntie Deli, I know you check this often for a new pic). I didn't get all spruced up for ya, but at least you can see where I'm at now :O)

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Sunday, December 24, 2006

I had my weigh in today rather than Christmas Day. Down 2 lbs! What a day to break into the 180's, right on Christmas eve, LoL! That should keep me in line :OP

Thursday, December 21, 2006

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Monday, December 18, 2006

For today's WI I really didn't expect a loss at all. I only exercised ONE time this week. I've been so busy getting ready for Christmas. It has taken up my gym time. Anyways, here's my stats for WI today...

Your current weight : 191 lb
Weight change since your last recorded weight | -3.2 lb
Total weight change to date | -67 lb

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

I had a great day today. I actually went running. For real running, like out on the street. It was crazy! Definitely THE hardest workout I've had since I started exercising. It was way more fun than going to the gym because I wasn't bored AT ALL. Man, was it hard though... I can't say that enough! I wore my heart rate monitor and my heart rate was up there the whole time. I pushed it the whole 40 mins. Occasionally I'd do a real brisk walk, but just for long enough to catch my breath, and then I was off! I thought I'd only last maybe 10 mins, but I actually did 40 mins with no more than 10-12 mins of it brisk walking. Kudo's to all you runners out there, you guys are tuff :O)
After my run I made dinner for the family, hopped in the shower, and headed off to my doctor's appointment. I was going there for an ear infection, but I wanted to discuss my weight loss too. I haven't seen a doctor since I started this journey. Anyways, he said that if I wanted to...I could stop losing weight now :O) He said I'm perfectly healthy at this weight. I told him I didn't want to stop yet, and asked what would an ideal goal weight be for me? He did all his calculations and came up with 172 lbs. That's 5 lbs more than I was aiming for :O) He also said that my weight loss so far was *very* dramatic. And that these last 22 lbs are going to probably take a year to lose (Ha! I'll show him). He asked me if I'm eating enough food, I told him I eat all my daily points and some of my AP's, he seemed happy with that. Then I told him my exercise routine and he said that I could continue doing what I am for activity the rest of my life. Anyways, it was SO nice to be told by a doctor that I am at a healthy weight. I haven't heard that in 4.5 yrs. It's also nice to only have 22 lbs left to lose.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Weigh In today = 194.2
So I'm down 2 lbs for this week. My gym pass ran out today. I'm going to try doing other activities this week just to change it up a bit.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Every Sunday Dh and I take the kids to swimming, and then McDonald's. Anyways, I was walking back and forth from the till to the table giving the kids their ice cream cones, and the teller asked me from across the restaurant what kind of dressing I wanted for my salad. I said, "What do you have that's low-fat"? There were two overweight people sitting at a table listening, and DH said they gave me a dirty look, and then looked at each other and rolled her eyes like to say *Why does SHE need low fat dressing? She's not fat!*
Dh told me this and I was just beaming :O) I finally don't feel "fat" anymore when I'm out in public, and this kinda proves that other people aren't seeing me as that way either :O)

I didn't exercise much this week and I still lost 2.4lbs. I feel pretty lucky. I wasn't expecting much of a loss this time around. So I've lost over 60lbs now (not including the weight I lost before Weight Watchers) in 20 weeks time.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

This pic brings me right back to my childhood, remember eating icicles when you were a kid? Good times :O)

Ty lookin' cute on his late night walk.

This is my little pug dog Tang that we just got back after someone held her hostage for a year.

Jade and I walkin' in a Winter Wonderlandddddddd :O)

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Yesterday I received a card in the mail. It says this...

"Just *so* darn proud of my girl...I LOVE and admire you. You're the absolute greatest. Your dear friend forever, Karine"

How lucky am I to have a friend like that? This is such a crazy time of year, and my dear thoughtful friend Karine took the time to send me this card about my weightloss. I love this girl, she means so much to me :O) THANK YOU KARINE. I really needed this yesterday. I was having the most horrible day, and this really made me feel good. You are so incredibly thoughtful *mwa*

Friday, December 01, 2006

HA! TOM just arrived, that must've been my problem. I have a Passion Party tonight too. I hate doing PP's when I feel like this, so NOT sexy, LoL!

This is the first week that I feel just BLAH about Weight Watchers. It's not that I don't want to do it, or that I'm struggling with food, I'm just SO not into it. I'm wondering if it's depression. Kinda feels like it. It's midnight and I'm sitting here with 7.5 daily points left. This has happened to me the last three nights. I'm not hungry, NOTHING sounds exciting to eat. I even have a Cadbury Thin bar sitting at my desk, but I just don't want it! Food is NOT turning me on this week, and neither is exercise. I went to the gym tonight, and I only did a half an hour of cardio. I never do that! Half an hour is peanuts, and the night before at home I did a measly 15 freaking minutes. 15 minutes? Why did I bother? I've lost my drive and I hope I get it back. I don't expect any kind of a loss this week. This is the first time I don't really even care (as long as I don't gain). I know, I suck...sure hope I get my oomph back :O(