Thursday, December 28, 2006

Here's your progress pic Karine (and Auntie Deli, I know you check this often for a new pic). I didn't get all spruced up for ya, but at least you can see where I'm at now :O)

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Crystal said...

Holy shit ... I'm just floored! You are looking really great Shaunna, not that you didn't before but you know what I mean!

Keep up the great work, you're going to be at goal in no time!!

marie said...

HOLY HOT MAMMA! your progress is amazing!

Shirls said...

wow!! your a stunner girl!! I love that I can see more of your tats in the same pose because we can see more around your arm.. hope that makes sense, truly inspirational, that is what you are!

Paige said...

you look awesome!! i hope you feel as great as you look! you inspire me for sure

Anonymous said...

I'm in fucking TEARS here at WORK !!!! You can't keep doing this to me !!!!!!!!
I'm so beyond proud of you, that's all I keep saying.
Look at you, you are skinny !!!!
You look way taller, you are teeny weeny.
Damn I got to go see you and hug you in person.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Your photos are amazing. I sent a link to you blog to a friend around Thanksgiving and told her to look at your photos/progress. We both have you bookmarked as inspiration.... I'm hoping to have groovey photos like you this time next year. It seems like you lost it so fast... easy for me to say, huh?

Care to share your exercise routine/patterns... or any sites you found helpful?

I'm so ready to be in your shoes... you know cute sandals with sexy, slim ankles! Hee hee.

And... what do you do to have such pretty skin??? Must be the healthy diet and water....

What do your kids think about your weightloss? I can only imagine what DH thinks.. hubba hubba!

jules said...

YOU LOOK Amazing!!!!!!!!
Way to go GIRL!!!
What an accomplishment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

iffer said...



Anonymous said...

Just my daily pop-in

Shared your site with my family here (I'm at my parents for New Years), everybody's jaw dropped.
that last progress pic is just stomach-punching.

Love ya !

Anonymous said...

holy shit chickana U LOOK FUCKING AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love ya, camelia xo

Anonymous said...

holy shit chickana U LOOK FUCKING AMAZING!!!!!!love ya, camelia xo

Jen said...

You are SO gorgeous!!! I love that you look happier (your eyes do!)

Such a hottie!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Shawna! You have done such an amazing job! I didn't know that strangers could be such an inspiration to me, but you are! You are a beautiful person and it is showing more with each progress pic just how gorgeous you are! You look stunning in your last pic of 189lbs. Keep up the great work! You should be very proud!