Tuesday, December 12, 2006

I had a great day today. I actually went running. For real running, like out on the street. It was crazy! Definitely THE hardest workout I've had since I started exercising. It was way more fun than going to the gym because I wasn't bored AT ALL. Man, was it hard though... I can't say that enough! I wore my heart rate monitor and my heart rate was up there the whole time. I pushed it the whole 40 mins. Occasionally I'd do a real brisk walk, but just for long enough to catch my breath, and then I was off! I thought I'd only last maybe 10 mins, but I actually did 40 mins with no more than 10-12 mins of it brisk walking. Kudo's to all you runners out there, you guys are tuff :O)
After my run I made dinner for the family, hopped in the shower, and headed off to my doctor's appointment. I was going there for an ear infection, but I wanted to discuss my weight loss too. I haven't seen a doctor since I started this journey. Anyways, he said that if I wanted to...I could stop losing weight now :O) He said I'm perfectly healthy at this weight. I told him I didn't want to stop yet, and asked what would an ideal goal weight be for me? He did all his calculations and came up with 172 lbs. That's 5 lbs more than I was aiming for :O) He also said that my weight loss so far was *very* dramatic. And that these last 22 lbs are going to probably take a year to lose (Ha! I'll show him). He asked me if I'm eating enough food, I told him I eat all my daily points and some of my AP's, he seemed happy with that. Then I told him my exercise routine and he said that I could continue doing what I am for activity the rest of my life. Anyways, it was SO nice to be told by a doctor that I am at a healthy weight. I haven't heard that in 4.5 yrs. It's also nice to only have 22 lbs left to lose.


Anonymous said...

Oh wow Shaunna !
That is *SO* great, what the Dr told you. 22 lbs, one year to loose ? muuaaaaaaahhh hahahahahaha, yeah right.
Fuck you'll loose those in what, 2 months ?
So are you gonna respect that new goal weight ya think or loose more ?
You sound really happy, I can totally feel it through your post, what a breath of fresh air this morning Shaunna. I'm here at work all smiles :-)

Hope to talk to you soon and hear more about it.

Soon we'll have to make a date to talk !!! Our lives are not on the same schedule eh ? I miss yooouuuuu.

Big sloppy kisses for my healthy babe.


Anonymous said...

yeah Shaunna!! I'm totally impressed, like blown way away with your running!! I've been an indoor runner for a year but I can't do hack it outside, so I'm totally in awe by you, nothing new there :)

AND!!! you and I have had the same goal weight set by our docs! 172! of course at the rate your going you will be there next week, me I'll be year ;)

WTG! truly inspiring

Anonymous said...

Hey Shaunna,
I read your blog sometimes, and today i thought I would comment,
Congrats on the doc telling you that you were at a healthy weight..
Sounds like from the questions he was asking you, he doesn't have much knowledge about what the WW program is all about, that it is not about starving ourselves.. Thats great!
I am so happy for you!
You look great in that last pic with your kids! :)

Shrunk said...

I think he asked that question because my weight loss has been quite quick. Only 22 weeks to lose 64lbs :O)