Monday, December 11, 2006

Weigh In today = 194.2
So I'm down 2 lbs for this week. My gym pass ran out today. I'm going to try doing other activities this week just to change it up a bit.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your loss ... you are doing an amazing job!

Anonymous said...

way to go! you rock, seriously.
i'm in awe of how well you've done.

you totally inspire me to leave the crappy food alone. i was at work and i was standing in the gift shop looking at the dill pickle chips. i had just been looking at your blog and i knew you wouldn't pick the chips....i got a cadbury thin instead.

thank you.

Shrunk said...

That is AWESOME! Chips are SO tempting. Sometimes for a treat I have Veggie Chips with Fat Free Sour Cream. Mmmmmm! Nice job on this NSV, you're the inspiration :O)

Anonymous said...

Look at you kicking ass and taking names! =) Congrats on the good WI!