Monday, April 09, 2007

GAIN of 1.2 lbs today. No biggie, I'm retaining water and I know it. As long as I stay below goal and within my healthy weight range for my height, I'm happy :O)


Shirls said...

awesome rockin' attitude girl! once again you impress us all :)

Anonymous said...

that is a great way of thinking, I have o take a page out of your book :)

marie said...

and that's the best way to look at it :) healthy, happy and oh so wise!

Dena Rox said...

My My. I don't know how many times i can say how proud i am of you. Your whole weightloss journey has been an insperation to all of us looking to loose, be it 5 lbs or 200 lbs. The fact that you have reached your goal and are now maintaining that goal weight is the best motivation for the rest of us!

"Did u ever know that you're my hero.."

Ok, lol, just getting goofy with the bette middler there, but you get my point.

Big Hugs & smootches