Friday, April 13, 2007

YAYYYYYYYY!!! Just got the phone call, my orthotics are IN. I get them tomorrow at 2:15pm and do you know what that means? I'll have them in time for the 10K Sun Run on Sunday! I know you shouldn't get your orthotics and run a race in them right away, but honestly I *know* that I'll be better off WITH the orthotics then without. I was dreading doing this run without them because I know that I would end up injured again. And I'm still not even fully healed. Anyways, that's my first piece of good news for the day. My second piece, I'm 158 today! Looks like it'll be a good weigh in on Monday :O)


wannago said...

Have fun at the Sun Run and good luck with the new orthotics. 158 wow you make it seem so easy, of course from reading your blog I know how damn hard you have worked for this! :-)

Anonymous said...

that is amazing, you can run your 10k yeah !!!!!!!!! and you weigh 158, this supersticious day is actually working in your favor, yeah Friday the 13th :)

cat's dish said...

I thought Friday the 13th was all about bad luck! You're totally blowing THAT theory outta the water!!! I'm now officially convinced that you ARE Superwoman! Is there anything you CAN'T do?!!! Keep doing what you're doing, have fun and be safe on your run! Congrats on all the good news! I'm super excited for you!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Yay for you(happy dancing)! I know they say it takes awhile to get used to the orthotics, but my feet felt 200% better as soon as I had them, so I just put 'em in my shoes and was off to the races.

Good luck in the Sun Run and congrats on the loss!

Heather =)

Anonymous said...

Hey Shrunk

You really are an inspiration. This is the second time for me at WW....second baby too! I've been doing just OK until I started reading your blogs. Now I'm pumped. I'm planning on a run in the fall as well..

Take care and please know what a difference you've made to so many people!