Friday, February 15, 2008

I failed miserably at the scale separation. It kinda sorta wasn't my fault though. I went to the doctor 2 days ago because I've had that sore throat that I posted about since the 5th, AND my 3 and 2 yr olds have come down with fevers and are really miserable. Turns out they both have strep throat, and I may too (just waiting for the swab test on my throat to come back). While I was there I decided to talk about my weight issues with the doctor, so she of course weighed me and I was 150 lbs (big surprise, been stuck there since beginning of January). She told me not to worry about my weight, said I look nice and lean and I'm very healthy. So that day I quite agreeably stopped the Wendie Plan and upped my daily target points back to maintenance (30pt). I ate a little extra because I was just starving from trying to lose the past 1.5 months. I did that yesterday too andddddd....low and behold, for WI today I'm down 2.2 lbs :O)

So more food IS better for me. I guess it's because I exercise so much. Whatever reason it is, I'll take it :O)

(Oh, and I only earned 22 AP's this week...I've been sick, the kids are sick...that's just all that I could manage to do. Oh well, better luck this week)


Jen said...

*laughs* go figure right!!!! I agree with your doc! YOu look so lean and healthy!! Feed your body, then it loves you back!!!

Unknown said...

WOOHOO! Awesome job Shaunna! Isn't it funny how things all work out in the end? I'm so glad they did for you! YAY! Sorry to hear about the kids being sick... I've never had strep throat but I hear it sucks! I did have laryngitis once though, but I know it's not the same.

Sonya said...

Only 22APs? My god girl, I didn't even earn 1 this week.

You're doing great. Don't ever think you're not and btw the doctor is right, you look nice, lean and very healthy.

Lisa aka water_nymph said...

good for you..i love your tenacity !!

healthy ashley said...

You do look great. Congratulations on your loss!

Amy said...

Only and 22 AP's don't go in the same sentence.. ;)

Way to go on those 22 AP's!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Girl... I have read every post on your page... lol. And u have inspired me so much. My friend and i started our own blogs for our weightloss. If u wanna check mine out its:

Just started it yesterday!

Lucas said...

OMG! Your progress pics are amazing! You are amazing! I sincerely hope you feel as good as you look because you look fantastic. Thanks for the inspiration.

Anonymous said...

I am only asking this as you moderate the comments and I in NO way want to offend you.
First you look fabulous and are an inspiration I wish I had your determination.
Having lost the amount of weight you have did you need to have any surgery cosmetically??
I always fear if I lose too much weight the skin will not recover.
If you do not want to answer I understand and again you are a beautiful woman, you were either way.
Thanks Heather

Shrunk said...

Hey Heather! I don't mind you asking me that question one bit. I actually get asked it alot :O)

No, I have not had cosmetic surgery...YET. That means I would like to. I do have a little bit of loose skin at the bottom of my tummy. I don't believe this is due to my weight loss alone. I think having 3 babies in 4 yrs had alot to do with it. My tummy was just so stretched for so long. It isn't *THAT* bad, but it is something that I would like fixed in the future when I have some extra cash kickin' around. Hey, maybe I'll win the lottery :OP

Strength training helps tremendously. This is how I got rid of the loose skin on my arms, and legs (under my butt). I was told that skin actually sticks to muscle, and that's why lifting weights and stuff helps. So, I gave it a try...and sure enough, it worked!

TinyTrim said...

Only 22 APs? Pffft. You are obviously slacking ;)

(kidding, kidding)

Congrats on the loss!