Friday, February 01, 2008

So, did dropping my points and working out do anything this week? YEP! It made me GAIN 3 LBS!

I'm sooooooooooo ready to go jump off the bridge right now. I don't even want to adjust my stats. What was the point of working so hard all week?

I think I'm going to try upping my points a little bit to 26. That's right in between what WW says (22) and my regular maintenace points (30). I may not have been getting quite enough food (thanks Gail for pointing this out). I have suspected this before in the past, that WW food amounts weren't *quite* enough for me. It could be the reason I lost so quickly throughout my weight loss journey, and why I had to add 18 pts per day just to make my body stop losing when it was time.

Hopefully this works!


Jaime said...

Well, that sucks...but shit happens right?

Try looking back and remembering what worked for you when you were rocking the weight-loss before. I remember Wendy being your friend...maybe you need to look her up again.

Remember that you do A LOT more strength training now that probably accounts for some of it.

Don't jump just yet. You'll figure it out!!!

Vanessa said...

Stupid scale is a jerk.

Sounds like you have a good plan for this week. I hope it works out for you!

Lucas said...

Everyday that you work out you are doing something healthy for your body, giving your body a gift. Your lungs that process the air, your heart that pumps the blood, your muscles that work to move you, they all thank you for that gift. Your brain might be screaming right now, jumping up and down and throwing a little tantrum, but relax. In the end, exercise never hurts you and the results you desire will follow in time. I know it SUCKS to wait and it SUCKS more to see a gain but I'm with bionicwoman, don't jump just yet. We love ya!

Shirls said...

that is right Wendie really did work for you, lucky girl! I'm sure this is nothing to worry about yet, could be water sticking around from all that working out, after all muscle likes to hold on to it to repair itself.. and it could be the first signs of more muscle and since muscle burns fat so effeciently when it gets going, this could just be a bump in the road and nothing more :0)

Anonymous said...

Sorry you're bummed out about this hun.
I know how frustrating it is for you. Hang in there, and remember that upping your food was always a good idea in the past.

Oh and also what shirls said. ;-)

I am loving you and rooting for you hun. you're fighting for your weight, i'm fighting for my hat. So come on, let's just say BRING IT.

Haircut today will do you tons of good, and Monster Jam. LUCKY YOU. What a perfect family activity.
Can't wait to see the pics of both outings.

mwwaaah !

Lisa aka water_nymph said...

you got some great advice here honey..i'd go with your plan of action (minus the jumping off a bridge part..not many AP's in that to make it worthwhile)

don't forget TOM, muscles holding on to the water etc etc etc..

i know doesn't mean a thing when the scale don't have that swing..

hang tight honey, you know only good is coming of your efforts, even if the damn tin box ain't giving you the love..

( i wonder how many more cheesy sayings i can put in this post until you at least smile/groan?)


Chubby Bugg said...

Keep up your hard work and it WILL pay off. I know its frustrating but weight loss is tricky, I hope playing around with your points this week will help.

I admire you for being so active, its something I need to work at!

Take Care!

jen999 said...

Sorry bout the gain, hun.. I think you're right to raise your points a little.. Your body is used to getting more, it could've just been going into that 'starvation mode' from the sudden drop in how much you're eating.. Also, you're KICKING AP ass, so it could be that your increase in muscle mass just threw you off this week.. Bottom line, you've been doing this program for a while, and you know your body and how it reacts to the program better than WW.. Trust your instincts!

I always feel stupid giving you advice about this stuff, it's like the student telling the teacher, you know?? lol!!