Sunday, February 10, 2008

If I post these pics that my 5 yr old took (not the best quality), can you guess where I went last night?

Yeah...yeah, Lululemon once again :OP
Those are the Be Still pants I'm wearing, and a BBB V Neck Tee that I found there. Underneath it all is the Bounce Breaker Bra which is THE best bra I've ever owned. It's so awesome for running and working out. I couldn't be more thrilled!

7AP's earned for today, 5 for 40 mins cardio high intensity, and 2 for 50 mins of strength training.


Lex said...

Wow, look at you!
I came across your blog a few days ago, and I have to say your transformation is incredible!!! You are truly an inspiration!

You're smokin, girl! Keep up the hard work!

and your 5yr old may have a career in photography one day! :)

Anonymous said...

Way to go on the Lulu! It's Sassyo here! I bought some Still Pants last week (in the pinstripe) and saw those ones! I love the two tone... might have to go back and get me some! They look great!


JessiesBlog said...

You look awesome girl!
I don't care what the _ c _ _ _ says! LOL don't want to say the word!!

Anonymous said...

hot!!!!!!!! is all i gotta say

Anonymous said...

You look GREAT!!
150 and 5'10" OMG...slim and gorgeous!

Girl with a Problem said...

Don't know if you've thought about this non-scale victory or not...

It seems like when we're overweight, we can't take a good picture. Now that you've shrunken to a mere shadow of your former self, I don't think you can take a bad picture. You look fantastic girl!

I check your blog daily to keep myself on track. I have about 90 more pounds to lose, and I know it will take most of this year to get there. Your story and pictures give me the inspiraton I need to believe that I too can get there.

Thanks so much for sharing your journey.

Anonymous said...

Oh my LOORDD I looooove your pants !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
They go SO well with the tee (also love the V in the back, it's a detail that makes all the diff and makes this whole outfit stand out and look so slick and stylish)
Wow I really love it, it's really you.

Lucas said...




You look great! Kudos and Congrats! And BTW, I LOVE your neck/back tattoo. So cool.

katieo said...

As molly would say, "BABE I LICOUS"

now I'm off to go check out the bounce breaker bra.

Angela Power said...

Wow, you look so idealy tall and slim! You look fantastic! good on ya girl, that's you forever :-)

jen999 said...

Lookin' good, hun!! :-) You know I'd never heard of lululemon before you got your last outfit.. Nice stuff.. It'd probably never fit me, but I guess that's something else to aspire too!!

Btw, your 5 year old takes kickass photos!!

momof2 said...

Okay...I may have to add those pants as a future goal. I love the pinstripes!! You look awesome!

Anonymous said...

You look awesome! And I don't think your 5 year old could take a bad picture of you--mainly because I don't think you can take a bad picture!

And thanks for all the nice comments! It makes me feel like a real blogger! Haha!

Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

You are AMAZING. You look great.

Would you be able to post a sample menu of things that you would normally eat throughout the day?

TinyTrim said...

Man, you're such a hottie! I can't wait till I look as fab as you and can go Lululemoning :)

Sonya said...

I'm loving the fact that the pants are long enough for us tall girls. I'll have to get my butt to that store soon!

BTW - you look great!

John Rambo's Wife said...

I think you should be getting paid for all the endorsement you are giving Lululemon! You should model for them!!

Rebecca said...

hey, it's jinxie from ww. i checked out your blog from the address you ahve posted on your ww profile. i am seriously inspired. you look amazing. i have decided to make myself accountable and start a weightloss blog myself.

thanks for the inspiration!!!