Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Ok, so I've found something that I suck at. Royal Icing! Last week I made a batch for my Wilton class, and it was totally runny by the time I got it there. I couldn't make it form a flower if my life depended on it! So this week I made sure to make the icing good and stiff, and it still didn't do me any good! I CAN'T make Royal Icing flowers at all! Here's a pic to prove it! They just look like blobs! LOL! Feel free to laugh at me!

However, I can still make cupcakes. Here's some that I made for my cake instructor/friend that I mentioned below. It was her 30th birthday today. See what a good little "weight loss" friend I am? *mwahahahhahah* She's a "Wall-E" fan, and these cupcakes are chocolate cake with my homemade Hostess Twinkie Filling, topped with Chocolate Buttercream :O)

As far as weight loss goes...I'm on my 2nd week of trying to lose. I need to get my weight down about 10 lbs or so. No, I'm not overweight, but I'm not where I like to be. The extra weight always shows right in my gut, and I HATE THAT! So, week 2 of lowering my points for losing, and am I getting anywhere? NOPE! Since being on maintenance, whenever I try to shed a couple of lbs, my body won't give it up! I will win this battle though. Mark my words.


thewwchick said...

I totally get what you mean about that 10 pounds finding it's way to your gut. Disturbing, isn't it? At least you're doing something about it instead of letting 10 turn to 20. PS....your flowers look great to those of us who can't even spread butter on bread much less make fancy schmancy icing flowers. lol

Anonymous said...

Those Wall-E cupcakes are adorable! Can I pretend one is for me? It was my birthday on the 22nd too! Not thirtieth though *ahem*.... slightly older LOL!

You will win the 10lbs battle!

Try that Royal Icing again. Maybe third time is the charm. (Although the flowers looked pretty good to me!)


Karine said...

LOL no those flowers are not your best pieces. They look funny.
I hear ya on the expanding gut. I'm on a junkfood rampage and I look pregnant. Really.
i have a perfect ROUND belly.
Oh well. Sighing as I sit here behing my puter at work waiting for my MckeeDee. lol
One day I'll loose those 10 lbs. My body won't budge from 145lbs, even if I diet and exercise (ok ok I haven't really TRIED that hard). But fat is soooo yummy !

JER29ELEVEN said...

It's a good thing those cupcakes are no where near me! They look delicious and I'd eat my weight in them!!

Jen said...

Your cupcakes look fantastic!!

I won't even post a motivational comment about weight loss, because I know you want it and since you are who you are, it will be gone!!! *laughs* Good luck babe! (not that you need it!)

Phoenixrising said...

And they were SO DELICIOUS!!! Thanks again!

Lucas said...

If I made cakes and cupcakes like you, I'd have way more than just 10pounds to lose! I can never bake without putting half of what I make in my face. If you've got the willpower to resist your delicious home made treats, you can do ANYTHING! Including losing 10 stubborn pounds.

Anonymous said...

did you make sure to whip the royal icing in your mixer right before using it?
If it sits for a while it will be runny.


Anonymous said...

I love the cup cakes they are so cute. I want to tell you, you are such an inspiration to me. And I love your art.